Friday, January 30, 2009

Get over to Walgreens!

I hit the jackpot at one of our Walgreens tonight! They had a ton of shampoo & hair products clearanced down and I had coupons for all of it making it almost all FREE! I spent $ 3.49 + tax for all this!! (The Kotex & Buddy bars were from Wal Mart. I made .09 overage off those!)
Hurry to your Walgreens and see what they have! Good Luck!!

I got:
7 Olay body wash clearanced @ $ 1.29 (used $ 1.00 off coupon)
2 Olay Ribbon body wash @ 1.39 (used $ 1.00 off coupon)
2 large Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo & 1 trial sized one ($1.50 for large & 1.29 for trial. used $ 3.00 off printable)
2 Sunslik hair products (priced @ 1.50 & 1.00. Used $ 2.00 off any 2 coupon)
3 boxes of Zest soap (.75 each)
1 box Ivory soap (.75)
3 Dove Shampoo (1.50 used $ 1.50 off Dove coupon on each one)
3 Pantene shampoo ($ 1.50 used $ 3.00 off 2 coupon)
2 pantene moouse (1.50 used $ 3.00 off 2 coupon)
1 pantene gel ($ 2.00 )
2 boxes of magic erasers (1.99 B1G1 Free)
1 Disney princess game (3.49)
2 kotex pads (used $ 1.00 off Kotex coupon)
3 buddy bars (used $ 3.00 off 3 printable coupon)

(used 10.00 RR)
paid $ 3.49 + tax!!

Coupons on Slickdeals...

I just found a new link on for $ 1.10 off Progresso soup (can print 2)! & a $ 3.00 off any Splenda coupon! (can print 2). I used my 2 Splenda ones yesterday at Wal Mart and got .76 overage for each one! Go to, click on Forums, then click on coupons. They are both on the first page. I thought FREE soup and Sugar were worth it! (Heather, if you know how to get it to this post, help! Again, I know very little about computers! Thank you in advance!)

Progresso Link

Splenda Link

Coupon Forum at

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Victoria's Secret

Victoria Secret clearance section you get an extra 50% the already marked price....but it is ringing up even lower than that. I bought some PJ's for gifts and they came out to be $12.00 (reg 60.00).
The best sale was. this lotion it was marked down to be 7.99 (reg 25.00) which I thought was a good price. but it rang up for only $2.00! I went I got more because I will use them for gifts.
It makes me think how cheap they can make this product if they are marking down to 2.00 and it is normally 25.00.

PS Joanie I have the all the prices for the bulk food at Winco if you want them. maybe you already have them. I like shopping in the bulk it is usually the cheapest prices...unless you have a GREAT COUPON!! ;)

Good Deals, Coupon Finds

Muir Glen diced tomatoes $1.16 (Walmart)

Final Price after coupon = $.16

$1 off coupon

Box of Nestle Hot Cocoa $1.00 (Walmart)

$.75 off coupon

Final Price after coupon = $.25

*Thanks once again ALISON! ;)

Just an idea...

Because coupons have changed/blessed my life, I like to give back when I can. In sunday's paper we got a up to $ 20.00 off Blood Glucose Monitering System. I've picked up 2 so far to donate to the nursing home by my house, just thought I'd pass that along if anyone else isn't using their coupon, it might be nice to pick one up, or donate your coupons to your nearest nursing home. Walgreen's has them on sale for $ 14.99, so you just pay tax. Fred Meyer has them for $ 19.99 too. Just a thought...

Marry me Bill!

I LOVE YOU BILL from Albertsons @ Meridian and Fairview. There, I said it. And you all should say it too. He is the Coupon King and manager at my Albies location. He promotes coupon deals like no other store in the valley and he treats coupon moms with the respect we deserve! If you ever have a question or need help with a sale he's your go-to-guy. You'll usually find him at the front of the store amongst the weekly deals. He's the dashingly handsome man with red hair, (Bill, I'm buttering you up for some more coupons!) While I'm singing praises I also love Alex from the same location and Denny from Eagle/McMillan.
Feel Free to give a shout out to your personal favorite cashiers as a comment! Having a employee who knows the policies and treats you with respect is refreshing and makes me want to shop at their store!
It also makes me want to play by ALL the rules. I asked Bill about the policy on accepting the $5 off $25 rite aid coupons and he said that they do not accept $ amount coupons, just products. Albies is liberal with SOOOO many policies and accepting competitor coupons that I respect them not taking that coupon. So let me get up on my soapbox for a moment and say, Don't try to sneak that coupon by your cashier. Now I'll get back off my high horse.
I've got another way you can save $5 besides the rite aid.
When you buy 16 boxes of Orville popcorn you get a $5 catalina that prints at the end of the transaction. This week's promo is, of course, buy one popcorn get 3 free.
-So here's how my transaction went:
-16 boxes of Orville Popcorn
-paid for 4 boxes @ 2.99
-Used 4 $1 off coupons (Bill clarified you may only use ONE coupon per 4 boxes, since you're only paying for one. Let's respect this rule too ladies)
-So then I was at $8 for 16 boxes of popcorn and got a $5 catalina.
-Net $3 spent for 16 boxes of popcorn!
Another great deal that no one's blogged about yet is goldfish crackers. They're 2/$3 and the bags have $1/2 coupon on them, so they end up just being $1. I got a few bags. There are also tear pads for $1.50/3 goldfish($1.50) and 1 pepperige farm natural baked snacks ($2.50).
Heather was right on the Del Monte Fruit Cups. They're marked 2/$3 but they ring up for $1 each- minus coupons.
And lastly thank you to Nate for letting me profess my love to men you've never met. And for being home with the sleeping kids this morning while I was couponing. I love you (in addition to Bill :)


If you need to go out to the outlet malls for anything, now is a good time to go. The KB Toy store out at the outlets is going out of business and everything is 80% off.  Happy Shopping

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby food/popcorn deal at Albies

Since I have a 7 month old I was interested in the Gerber baby food that was on sale at Albertsons this week. Gerber has several coupons you can print. One is $1 off 8 Gerber 3rd foods and another for buy 2 get 1 free DHA dinners. Albertsons is having a sale for the Gerber 3 foods at 65 cents a piece. So 40 jars=$26 dollars. Use 5 Gerber coupons(-5 dollars) and you want to spend at least $25 so that you can also use the rite-aid $5 off coupon. Making your out of pocket $16. Gerber is also running a deal where you spend $20 you get $4 back to use on your next purchase. So in the end you will spend $12 for 40 jars of baby food or 30 cents a jar. Not bad. Plus I also used my $10 cantalina from the peanut butter deal at walgreens last week and I also bought the orville popcorn on this transaction as well, because its a money maker. Go to this link and this link for $1 off 1 coupons. Print them twice. Then use the popcorn coupon from the store. Some stores will only let you have one. It lets you buy 1 for $2.99 and get 3 boxes free and then my Albertsons let me also use all 4 coupons. So I made $1. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing. I also did the kraft/chicken deal on my next transaction and rolled the $4 dollars into that one. I only bought 4 bottles of salad dressing because I only had 2 newspaper coupons but I still got $1 back to use on my next purchase.

My Albertson's Trip for the Week

So, when I first saw the ad for the week I was a little disappointed, but I went today and did pretty well... Here's what I ended up with

Del Monte Fruit Naturals 8oz cups ("chillin' in the produce section") $1.oo
$1/2 Printable here
Final Price-- $.50

Culinary Circle Pizza $6.29
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Plus with each pizza you get a free 2 Liter of Dr Pepper (which I am totally addicted to!)
Printable $1/1
Final Price-- you end up getting all 4 items for $4.29 (or in my case, I ended up with 4 pizzas and 4-two liters for a little over $10.00)

Nabisco Crackers are on sale for $1.99
When you buy 3 you get Easy Cheese 8 oz., Velveeta 8 oz., or Kraft cheese slices 8 oz FREE
Also, take the coupon from the Fred Meyer Ad to get 3 boxes for $5
Then use the $2/2 from 01/25
Final Price-- .67 per box plus FREE Cheese!

When you buy 3 Kraft Salad Dressings you save $3 instantly on Chicken.
(And I discovered today that when you buy 5 or more kraft dressings in a single transaction you get a "$3 off your next order" Catalina)
So, I did several separate transactions that looked like this:
6 Dressings $2.00 each
$6 in Chicken from the butcher block (on sale this week for $1.77!!)
-$6.00 Instant Savings at register (for the chicken)
- 3 $1/2 coupons from 01/18 (?) (for the dressing)
- $3.oo Catalina
Final Price is around $6.00
(I think the promotion is a lot like the Free Milk, and you could spend less than $6.00 on chicken to lower your cost.)
If you are buying chicken anyways, like I was, it's a great way to get "free" dressing.

Also, don't forget to use the $5 off 25 coupon from Rite Aid, you can go here to print it.

What did everyone else get??

New Printable Coupons!

Go to for a list a links for new internet printable coupons!

Target Shoe Clearance

Target is clearancing a lot of their shoes from this last season for $4. The sizes are random, but they have a pretty good selection right now. 75% off! :) Thanks for letting me know about this Alison!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

20% off Big Lots

Big Lots Coupon! Good 1/24-2/1


I was shopping at Macy's yesterday and they have the boys Christmas sweaters (Black, red, grey mixture) on sale for 4.99 (regular price 29.99). The tag says 9.99 but they rang up to be 4.99. I also found a lot of other good sales in the little boys section. If you are interested in getting clothes for next year. I am sure they have good sales in the girls also but sadly enough I have no little girls.

I'm in Need of Some Serious Help!!

So, I am needing to stock up on a couple "basics" and I want to know how you all buy your basics. Where do you go? Whats the price you are willing pay?
1. Hamburger Meat -we like the least amount of fat possible- like 97/3, I usually just get it at Walmart when I do my big trip.
2. Chicken- I have been buying the Kirkland Brand frozen bags at Costco. I don't even remember how much they are, or how many pounds there are... Bad I know.
3. Cheese. I usually look for the Tillamook to go on sale for around $6 or $7

Help me! I consider myself a good couponer, but I have more than slacked on these basic things... and it's about time I kick it in gear. Let me know what you do!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Living Scriptures Update...

I just got my Living Scriptures DVD's and my bill was a big fat ZERO! :) I know some of you were concerned about them charging. Just wanted to let you know the offer was good. I ordered mine a week or so before I posted, so expect yours in about a week! :)

.67 a box for crackers @ Fred Meyer!

My kids LOVE the chicken crackers, so I was happy when I got 6 boxes for $ 4.60 (including tax)! Fred Meyer has them for sale 3 for $ 5.00 & we just got a coupon in yesterday's paper for $ 2.00 off when you buy 2. My checker was really sweet and did it all in 1 transaction so I could use my 3 coupons.

NEW BLOG! Krazy Coupon Trader

Here it is: Krazy Coupon Trader. I've invited all of the current contributors to be authors on the trader blog. If you're not an author you may participate through comments and if you'll be a regular participant you can request to be made an author.
I think this is a great idea- now we're friends "with benefits".

Wanna Trade?

So, I have been wanting to start a "sister blog" to this one- that's dedicated to trading coupons. I get about 10 papers a week, and often there is more than I need. And a lot of times I want more internet printable ones for things we are brand loyal to.... So here's a test run. Leave me a comment or send me an email if you are interested.

I am looking for more coupons for Rice Dream. You can print 2 per computer.

If you don't use Rice Dream and want to trade me for something else... name your price. It can be for anything from the newspaper inserts or an internet printable.
I am thinking we can just mail them to each other rather than meeting up. It may be easier.
Oh, my email is

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ten Minute Mail

Have you ever needed an email address to enter to get some promotion and you've not wanted to use your own? Or maybe, there is a deal for first time email registrants and you've already signed up all your and your hubby's email accounts? I frequently have this problem and I just found a solution. My example is with Gap- shocker, I know- if you sign up to receive their emails you can get $15 off a $75 purchase (and this can be stacked with any % off promos or coupons you may have). I've already signed up all our email addresses and I wanted another code so I went to Ten Minute Mail. It's a temporary, ten minutes to be exact, email address. Click the link to learn more. What a GREAT idea!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Redbox Code

Here is a code for a free night's rental at Redbox.
This code is good only at McDonald's Locations.

Go Get your FREE 7 Up At Albertsons!! Today only, while supplies last!

I almost didn't go this morning because I figured Albertson's would only be giving 1 liter of pop out for free, but I took the kids and much to my surprise, they handed out 20 coupons to each person! Score! We drove to our other Albertsons and they were limiting 5. I was happy! 25 bottles for FREE. Thank You Albertsons! Hurry though, today is the only day and they were going fast (In Nampa @ 7th & 12th and 12th/Greenhurst) Good Luck!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Printing Trouble... SOLVED!

I have had tons of problems printing coupons lately. I know I wasn't alone, and that many of you were having similar trouble. Thanks to Coupon Trish for sending us to Fabulessly Frugal. They posted a link to that explained how you can fix it. It worked perfect for me! Yay! Thanks Ladies!

Idaho Statesman at Half Price

I was just at Albertsons (Meridian Rd and Fairview) to find this great deal that is offered today and tomorrow at that location. You can buy the Idaho Statesman for $2 a week (a paper everyday) for as many weeks as you pre-pay. You can pre-pay up to 52 weeks - that's a 50% savings. I receive the paper daily for around $16 a month. If you already get the Statesman, you can call and see when your subscription renews each month. Mine renews the 27th - so I am having them cancel it on the 27th and I will just buy a new subscription at Albertsons to continue receiving the paper. That was an easy $104 savings!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Tip!

I try to be really good about rebates, and online deals, but sometimes I miss them. That program that I have been using,, has a great way to see rebates and then get them online instead of mailing stuff in. (Let's be honest, mailing stuff is half the reason I miss rebates because I never get around to it)

Go to, use the shopping wizard to select your store and "free" for the savings amount. Find the items that are free or close to it.
Go to or riteaid and select "easy saver catalog" for walgreens and "single check rebates" for Riteaid. Sign up and continue.

It will be too much to type everything here, but I can email you the directions and helpful tips if you aren't familiar with claiming rebates online or just want to look it over.

Leave your email if you need this info. Yes, savvy is for utah, but my friend in Boise says it matches the sales at her stores exactly so it shouldn't be a problem.

Libaray Steelheads

The Libaray has an awesome reading program going on right now for those of you who don't already know. It's only for children age 5 and up, but if the kids check out books and do a certain amount of reading (20 mins a day for 7 days I think), they will get Idaho Steelheads tickets. If I understand the program right, they'll get vouchers when they check out books and then they'll get more vouchers when they do their this could make a great family night. You just have to turn your vouchers in for tickets. Just ask about the Steelheads program at the children's desk.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FREE Bath & Body Works Item W/ Purchase...

Go to to print your Bath & Body Works coupon. You get a FREE item w/ ANY purchase. I bought the $ 1.00 Shampoo, and got the big bottle of body wash for FREE. My daughter bought the hand sanitizer for $ 1.50 and got a body spray for FREE. Not bad for only spending $ 2.65! (There are restrictions, just read the coupon!) Sorry, I have no idea how to get the site put on ours, I'm computer challenged! Expires 1/25/2009

Emily- Heather here, I hope you don't mind that I broke in.... Here's the coupon..... I hope it works..

Diet and Nutrition Magazine

Diet and Nutrition is running an "Inauguration Special" through Sat which gives you a 3 year free subscription to their magazine. Click here to sign up. Thanks for calling me about this Alison! :)

Rite Aid Printable Coupon.... and TONS of other good ones

Go HERE to print a $5 off $25 for Rite Aid.

I am going to Albertson's today, and since they accept competitor coupons, I am going to use it there.

No limit to how many you print... so print a few if you'll be shopping there a lot before March 13th.

Del Monte coupons $1/1 (there are 4 and you can print twice)

$1/1 Bagelfuls (you can print two, but don't use your back browser)

.50/1 Blue Diamond Almonds (on sale at Albertson's this week)

Various Newman's Own coupons

$1/3 Scotch-Brite Nail-saver sponges

$1/1 Scotch lint roller

$1/2 Flag + Multi Pack (post its brand)

For all you pet owners $5 off 25 at Petco

$1 off 2 Fundips Wahoo!

Nate this one's for you! $5/3 Johnsonville Sausage

If anyone has a problem printing any of these, leave a comment and I will check it out.
Also, several of these have no limit to how many you can print!!


Someone in my ward forwarded me this info in an email. Thought Id pass it along:

This Saturday Albertson's will be giving away 7-up 2 liters.  This will be WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  We will have only about 1000 coupons to do this, however, the whole valley is doing this.  So if you live closer to another store, go in there and get your FREE cherry 7-up 2 liter.  These might be limited at some stores.  I will not be working until 3 pm so I don't know how my assistant store director is going to do this.  I hope if there is a limit it will be like 5 - 2 liters and not 1.  So come on in saturday and do this thing.

Albertson's dozen eggs are $1.25 each No Limit!  
Bounty 8 roll paper towels and Charmin 9 mega roll bath tissue is $8.99.
Coke 12 pack soda pop is 5/$14.00.  That's $2.80 each.
When you spend $20 on select general mills/ betty crocker items you will save $5.00 instantly.

Jared Bryan
Grocery Manager
Albertson's #102

Hey you Gap"ies"

Gap online has some pretty good mark downs right now. If anybody wants anything with free ship, let me know. I'll charge it and either ship it to you or you can pick it up from me. Also, is anyone else as excited as I am for LOST tonight?

Check your Tomatoes!

Hey, for anyone who bought the Hunt's tomatoes at the Albie's sale last week, check your expiration dates...I got home and was putting mine away and noticed that they had passed the "best by" of them was in 2007 and 2 more were in 2008. I imagine that Albertsons would swap out when they get new tomatoes in, or I actually just called the number on the can and they're going to send me coupons for new product.

Does anyone know how long the cosmetics sale is going on?

Pinching your Pennies is a fabulous website to go to for a shopping list and coupon printables, and you don't have to pay for the subscription.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've taken the plunge

I just canceled I know this sounds silly, but I am nervous to shop without it. I am using which I have been comparing for a few months and it seems to be equal. I figure another 14 a month saved will be worth it. Right?? Does anyone else do it without couponsense and if so has shopping still worked as well? Wish me luck!

Juicy Juice Sippy Cup

Has everyone signed up for their free Juicy Juice Sippy cup??
If you haven't yet, go here to do so.

I don't even remember doing this, but we got ours in the mail today... gotta love a free sippy!

Hurry Tomorrow!!!!

I got the following items (with Gabes help!)
  • Ralph Lauren Body Wash (6.7 ounces)
  • Clinique moisturizing cream
  • Lancome Mascara
  • Lancome Mascara (they have 2 different kinds available)

I hit both Macys and Dillards. All you have to do is go to the specified area (right at the front of the store when you walk in)  and sign a form signifying that you purchased a cosmetic item sometime between 1994-2007 (we all have im sure!). Then you get to choose one item from their list. Macys had like 5 lines with signs above them for Lancome, Clinique, Coty, etc. All you had to do was pick a line and they handed it over. Dillards made you go to a table, sign the form, and grab a sheet of available items. Then walk over to one of 3 counters and exchange the sheet for the item you chose. Like I said, I took Gabe so he kindly signed the paper and picked up 2 items for me. They arent hiding this stuff, its very user friendly and there were tons of men in line for their wives! The link I posted earlier has a list of the items you can choose from. Id take a look at it and decide your top 4 picks before you go.

Free stuff at its finest! 

My Albertson's Deals 11/21-11/27

This week is kind of a slow coupon week, which is very welcomed by me.
Here's what I am excited about though-

General Mills promo: Save $5 instantly when you spend $20 (before coupons and tax) on participating products. Katie's link to pyp has the full details and product list.

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $2.00 before promo
use the coupon here for $1/2
Final Price $1.00

Pillsbury Pizza Crusts or Breadsticks $2.00 before promo
use the coupon here and here for .60/2
Final Price $1.20

Totino's Pizza Rolls 7.5 oz $1.50 before promo
use the coupon here for $1/2
Final Price $.65

Don't forget! With this promotion (just like the one a couple of weeks ago), you save the most money when you buy in $20 increments. But unlike the sale two weeks ago, you can do it all in the same transaction!

Also, got to, sign up for a user name and password and print coupons for Totino Pizza Rolls, Pillsbury Crescent rolls, ect. If you have more than one email address, sign up for multiple accounts to print extras!

Free Cosmetics!

Thanks for getting this deal on here Carrian! I just wanted to add some info and a link in case anyone is interested in grabbing some free cosmetics! 

Apparently there was a large class action lawsuit against a list of major department stores, and the settlement is requiring they hand out $175 million dollars worth of free cosmetics to the public. Here is a link to view the participating stores (In Boise only Macys and Dillards are doing it), and the list of items they are giving away. Limit ONE per person (per store). While supplies last - so HURRY! (and take your husband!)


I don't know if this will apply to everyone, but I am posting because it's so worth it.
Nordstrom had a lawsuit filed against them and they are giving away TONS of free stuff today like lotions, perfumes, makeup items etc. Go get your free stuff!!'

*** Update: Macys has jumped on the bandwagon and are doing the same thing to try and bring people over. We got lotions, perfume, cologne and makeup!

Living Scriptures

First of all thanks for the introduction Tamra! ;) I'm not quite as coupon savy as some of you,..YET,..but I'm learning from the best! Ever since that crazy diaper sale I've been hooked! I swear I check this dang site like 5 times a day! My husband is so proud.

Anyways, is my first contribution...

Many of you may know about The Living Scriptures DVDS (animated). They are awesome but SOOO spendy! I've been trying to slowly add to my collection and I stumbled across an awesome deal. You can get 2 FREE DVDS (Journey to the Promise Land animated and The Trek West documentary) by clicking this link. This offer also includes free shipping. I don't know how much longer the deal will last. I thought it might be too good to be true, so I called Living Scriptures and they said there are no strings attached. -However, I will give you a heads up that they will have your number and will probably call off and on to try to get you to buy more DVDs. Sometimes they have great deals when they call, but usually they don't. If you aren't interested just tell them to not call (or to call back in a few months). Whew, catch all that!

Thanks for letting me join the blog! Happy Saving! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Internet Printables

Some internet printables that were new to me...

Progresso soup $1.00/2 or $2/4

Tylenol $1/1 any variety (limit 1)

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda $1 off (Target has a small box for 50 cents, so you could get 2 for free)
(Limit 2)

Scrubbing Bubbles $1/1 Mega Shower Foamer (Albertson's has scrubbing bubbles products on sale, so I am going to check if this is one of them... anyone know??) (Limit 2, use your back button)

Hope this helps someone else!

New Coupon for Albertson's Quaker Sale

Use the coupon at Target's website (you can print as many as you want) and
stack it with the 50/1 from the newspaper
and get Quaker Chewy's for only 50 cents per box!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ebay Grievances

Sorry this isnt coupon related - Im just SO TICKED right now! Joanie (and all you ebayers!), in all your Ebay transactions have you ever dealt with really rude buyers and sellers??? I decided to go out on a limb and post some baby clothes after Christmas and am STILL fighting with someone who CLAIMS they sent payment (but clearly never did!). This is so annoying to me, because now my window of opportunity to return the unsold items is closed so Im stuck with her purchases, and out my listing fees. 

ALSO, during the albertsons deal I bought 20 pampers coupons from this girl - and payed through paypal (which was specified in her auction) ONLY to receive an email 2 days later saying she didnt take credit/debit cards and to PAY HER AGAIN through other sources! I told her nevermind, to cancel the transaction (because by then they werent going to get to me in time) and she got all nasty telling me I owed her money! PS - my credit card had already been charged and payment accepted. So she basically stole my $2. Then to top it off - she came back and opened a claim trying to make me pay for her listing fees!!! RIDICULOUS. 

whew. Im so annoyed with ebayers right now!!! Is this unusual? Ive never sold things before, so I dont really know what to expect - but this seems like too much drama!!!! And ive actually LOST money without buying any items!!! I give myself an "F" in ebaying.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Go put your name on I Never Grew Up 's giveaway for a Bumbleride! Love those things! Tangled and true also always has good ones. Actually, designmom, and the pioneerwoman do amazing ones too. Check it out!

Yummy Oroweat Bread at Honks Dollar Stores for $ 1.25..

I've been buying my Oroweat bread at the Honk's $ store here in Nampa for close to a year now and I love that it's only $ 1.25! I LOVE Oroweat (so soft) & love their healthy selections: Health Nut, 100% Whole Wheat, Oatnut, Double Fiber, Potato, Buttermilk, 7 Grain & 12 Grain. These are around $ 3.50 in noraml grocery stores, so I've been happy with our awesome selection! ( The bread is usually going to expire within 3 days, but I keep mine in the fridge and it lasts, SO much longer. They freeze really too and are still soft after they have unthawed. I've been to one Honks $ store in Boise near Cole and they sold it there too! I hope this random bread post can help someone. (Mine also sells, rolls, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, pizza crusts & other bread products) they deliver several times a week too!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Walmart News

Wow. I can't believe I never knew this!!
Thanks to Kristin at Boise Deals and Steals for kindly bringing me into the loop.

We're talking Walgreens, Albertsons, Target Printables, ect.
I called the Walmart at Eagle and Fairview to double check and talked to "CFM"(?) Manager Greg. I grilled him, but it checks out.

So to recap:
Albertsons takes competitor coupons (including internet printable)
Walmart takes competitor coupons (including internet printable) AND matches competitor prices
Winco only takes manufacture coupons from the newspaper, no internet printables

Did everyone else already know this??

American Eagle coupon!

Save 20.00 off of a 50.00 Purchase!
That's almost half price... Wow!
Coupon Expires on 1/20/2009
To Print your coupon click here!
Right now they also have up to 70% off clearance.
Thanks to for the info.

Deal of the Day Links

Here are some links to daily or weekly deals:

Target's Deal of the Day
Amazon's Deal of Day
One Sale a Day
REI Deal of the Week
Zero Day Deals

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free photo book!

Right Now you can make a Photo Book from Hoorray! Its a 34.99 value. Its Free however you do have to pay shipping, I think shipping is 7.99! I am making mine now!
To get your Free Photo Book click here!
Be Sure to enter bzzalbum when you checkout to get the discount!
Hurry offer ends 1/20/2009

Thanks to for the info.

Skinny Cow

First of all, who ever came up with the name Skinny Cow is pure genius.
Secondly- if you are hooked to them like me, go HERE for "50 cents off skinny cow icecream treats".

I'm hoping they sell a 2pack box, and that they go on sale 10 for $10 or something. (hey, a girl can dream right?)

Less than a Dollar!

So on Overland and Five Mile, there is a Honks dollar/Value store. It is a hybrid of sorts because although most items in the store are a dollar they have other random items for cheap prices thrown in. Anyway, on TUESDAYS all their dollar items drop down to 88 Cents! Some items I am going back for on Tuesday include:

  • 30 feet of xtra strength tinfoil
  • Large bottles of bath and body work knock off shower gel/hand soaps
  • Ziplock products (baggies and containers)
  • Cute gift bags
  • Fist aid supplies (antibacterial ointment, pregnancy tests, gold bond powder knock off)
They also had bags of diapers (I think 28 count, but im not sure) for 3.99 (If you arent picky, they look similar to walmart brand). 

Anyway, they have food items too, including bread. Its cleaner than most dollar stores and overall was a fun little outing to peruse the shelves! Might be worth a trip if you need a random dollar store item!

Hurry on over to Target

Target's post-Christmas sale is on in a big way today! A lot of toys are discounted 75% off, some 50% and some 30%...but there are crazies in there filling up carts and carts with toys, so if you want in on the good deals, you'd better hurry :)

The Ethics Polls Close

Thanks everybody for voting in our ethics polls. The results were interesting and hopefully they spurred some of our readers to look into store policies and make sure we're all playing by the rules. Please take our new Albertsons poll and let's see where our favorite locations is.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Earn $20 in Two Peas Credits

I received an email from Two Peas in a Bucket and saw this deal that some of you might like. Click HERE for the link and then it explains it more in detail (scroll down a bit on the screen).

20 projects = $20.
it's 2009 - a new year and new projects to create. and guess what? we want to see them! even better? we're going to reward you for showing all of us what you've been creating! how's $20 for the next time you shop here at two peas sound? pretty good, right? we've listened to the community's feedback and have made uploading your projects easier than ever before. if you haven't tried it yet, here's your chance to get familiar with it! simply click on the "upload a new project" link in the member gallery drop down menu and away you go!

Note that you can only earn one coupon which must be used prior to 2.28.09 and projects must be uploaded between Thursday, January 8th, 2009 12:00 a.m. and Saturday, January 31st, 2009 11:59 p.m. to receive your coupon.

Free Oatmeal with Left Over Catalina's


Especially if you have left over $5 Catalina's

Tonight I got
- 6 2 lb boxes of Quaker Oats
- 6 boxes of Lower Sugar Instant Oatmeal
- 12 Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt

My price without coupons was $63.98
But THEY ended up paying ME over $2.00!!

I used all the coupons from my post earlier in the week, plus two $5 Catalina's

I'm so addicted to this!!

Join Sam's Club and get $25 back

This might be the best time to sign up if you have been wanting to become a member. Starting tomorrow (January 15th-21st), Sam's club will give you a $25 Gift Card just for signing up. Membership usually runs right around $40. With this gift card back, that makes a membership $15 for a year! For more information go HERE.

Just remember to be careful when shopping there. Most of the time you can get items cheaper with coupons at other stores. Sam's Club does not accept coupons, so be wary when buying there. There are other things there that you can get great deals on, so just be a smart shopper when it comes to wholesale clubs.

Thanks to the Thrifty Mama for the info.

FREE Suave product! Sign up today only!

You can sign up to recieve a coupon for a free bottle of Suave shampoo, conditioner or hair product by going to: Click on the top that says SUAVENOMICS, sign up and a coupon will be sent in 2-4 weeks. FREE is great! Today only Jan 14th 2009. (Sorry the post is so late in the day!)

Old Navy sale!

Take an additional 50% off the lowest clearance price at Old Navy. They just marked them down this morning. So hurry while the picking is good!

Lovin' Albertsons Gas discount!

I'm finding out I love to get my gas at Albertsons. With all these crazy Albertsons deals lately I have racked up quite the discount. I bought gas last night for 63 cents a gallon!! So I paid under $13 dollars to fill up my car!! Saving me $21 dollars. It works like this. For every $50 dollars you spend in the store you earn 5 cents off at the pump. I 'm pretty sure this is before coupons. If anyone knows for sure let me know. Then when you go to fill up you swipe your preferred card and it asks if you want to use your discount. The discount is good up to 20 gallons of gas. So I just wait until my tank is in the red and then I go since my tank holds 20 gallons. Because if you don't use all 20 I don't think it rolls over. Anyway just another way to save at good ol albies!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Solution to stressful couponing and SOLD OUT items at Albertsons

What I'm about to share is a fact that I used to know, but that I had forgotten, or at least not had the brains to use these last few months during couponing at Albertsons. I love scanning the Albertsons preview on Tuesdays and getting ready to shop on Wednesdays before the stores are sold out of the best items. But I hate HAVING to shop early and I hate that in all of our helping people find deals, we're also helping the stores sell out of the items we all need. Here's the solution:
Albertsons is VERY willing to pre-order items in bulk for you- Be it cereal (wished I had ordered the multigrain cheerios) or diapers, whatever. They order it in and call you when it's ready to pick up. You cannot prepay, you pay once items are in. I just went in this evening and ordered all my quaker stuff I want and it will be in on Friday. Now I don't have to get up early to shop and I don't have to feel bad for buying out the entire stock of quaker instant oatmeal. I'll be leaving it on the shelves for the rest of you!
Another thing, an Albertsons employee told me this week will be the last promo like this until March.

Albertson's Deals 11/14-11/20

I can't even tell you how excited I am for this weeks sales. First of all, because last weeks are over. I went to Albertsons SO many times. Second, It's pretty low key, but there are a couple really good deals.
Here's what I have found:

When you buy 4, the Instant Oatmeal is $1.50 each.
-Plus there are $1 off coupons from 1/04 (High Fiber)
-And go here to print a $1 off (High Fiber)
FINAL PRICE for High Fiber is .50 cents

When you buy 4, the Quaker Oats 42 oz. is $1.50 each.
-60 cents off from 1/04
FINAL PRICE .90 cents

DANNON YOGURT 60 oz cups are 50 cents
- .60/6 from 1/04
- AND go here for Target's printable coupon for $1/5!!
FINAL PRICE 20 cents each

MISSION LIFE BALANCE TORTILLAS 14.8 oz. on sale for $1.99
go here for a $1/1 (use back browser to print 4!)
or use $1/2 from 1/04
FINAL PRICE (with printable) 99 cents
FINAL PRICE (with newspaper) $1.49

Monday, January 12, 2009

PB&J @ Albertson Jif, Smuckers and Sara Lee

I was running through Albertsons again this evening and found another pretty good deal I thought I'd share. Albertsons is running a promo buy Jif PB ($2) and Smuckers grape jelly/jam ($1.50) and get a free loaf of sara lee bread (regularly $3.29). Some sara lee bread has .55 cent off coupons on it and in 12/28 Sunday paper we have $1 off 3 jif peanut butters and .35 cent off smuckers jelly/jams. I doubled the $1 off and 2 of the .55 cent off with the double coupon promo ending tomorrow. So I paid $5.25+ tax for 3 PBs, 3 jellys, and 3 loaves of bread. Not a bad deal.

Free(and almost free) items at K-mart & WalMart...

I am really visual, so I like to post pictures with mine ( I hope no one minds!) Today at K-mart (in Nampa) I was able to get 9 bottles of Gillette body wash/Shampoo for free, 5 bottles of ACT mouth wash for free, 6 packs of Huggies wipes (40-32 count) for free, 4 Pantene Mousse & gel ( I asked the checker to try the coupon on the mousse & gel even though the oz. size didn't match the coupon, and it worked, so I only spent .29 for those. (I have so much shampoo!) I also had her try the ACT mouth wash coupon because the oz. was smaller than the coupon ( and it went through. ) If I have any questions about a coupon/oz/size , I always have them scan it to see if it works on the product, if it does and goes through, then the store will be reinbursed for it, and I always feel like I was 100% honest by having them check first and not trying to sneak it by anyone.
And I was able to get 6 Suave lotions at Wal Mart for free. (The $ 1.00 off coupon just came out in Sunday's paper) I hope that helped someone!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Walmart's Coupon Policy

Go Here for Walmart's Coupon Policy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Albertson's Corporate Coupon Policy

I have been looking for Albertson's Coupon Policy for awhile now. I printed it, and am going to keep it in my binder. I have had a couple problems with cashiers telling me different things. So now if there are problems I will have their official policy. Hope this helps someone else.
Go here to print it.