Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Someone in my ward forwarded me this info in an email. Thought Id pass it along:

This Saturday Albertson's will be giving away 7-up 2 liters.  This will be WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  We will have only about 1000 coupons to do this, however, the whole valley is doing this.  So if you live closer to another store, go in there and get your FREE cherry 7-up 2 liter.  These might be limited at some stores.  I will not be working until 3 pm so I don't know how my assistant store director is going to do this.  I hope if there is a limit it will be like 5 - 2 liters and not 1.  So come on in saturday and do this thing.

Albertson's dozen eggs are $1.25 each No Limit!  
Bounty 8 roll paper towels and Charmin 9 mega roll bath tissue is $8.99.
Coke 12 pack soda pop is 5/$14.00.  That's $2.80 each.
When you spend $20 on select general mills/ betty crocker items you will save $5.00 instantly.

Jared Bryan
Grocery Manager
Albertson's #102

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