Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Check your Tomatoes!

Hey, for anyone who bought the Hunt's tomatoes at the Albie's sale last week, check your expiration dates...I got home and was putting mine away and noticed that they had passed the "best by" of them was in 2007 and 2 more were in 2008. I imagine that Albertsons would swap out when they get new tomatoes in, or I actually just called the number on the can and they're going to send me coupons for new product.

Does anyone know how long the cosmetics sale is going on?

Pinching your Pennies is a fabulous website to go to for a shopping list and coupon printables, and you don't have to pay for the subscription.


The Beals said...

Makeup deal is going on for 6 more days OR until supplies last!

Shannon said...

I went this afternoon and they still had stuff but they were getting low. They were out of a lot of the items. Hurry if you want to get something.

Carrian said...

Walgreens does that a lot so I am always checking. So heads up with them too or any store that has a major markdown.