Friday, January 30, 2009

Coupons on Slickdeals...

I just found a new link on for $ 1.10 off Progresso soup (can print 2)! & a $ 3.00 off any Splenda coupon! (can print 2). I used my 2 Splenda ones yesterday at Wal Mart and got .76 overage for each one! Go to, click on Forums, then click on coupons. They are both on the first page. I thought FREE soup and Sugar were worth it! (Heather, if you know how to get it to this post, help! Again, I know very little about computers! Thank you in advance!)

Progresso Link

Splenda Link

Coupon Forum at


Heather Wheeler said...

Awesome finds Emily!

Joanie said...

Thanks Emily, I totally didn't know about these!