Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ebay Grievances

Sorry this isnt coupon related - Im just SO TICKED right now! Joanie (and all you ebayers!), in all your Ebay transactions have you ever dealt with really rude buyers and sellers??? I decided to go out on a limb and post some baby clothes after Christmas and am STILL fighting with someone who CLAIMS they sent payment (but clearly never did!). This is so annoying to me, because now my window of opportunity to return the unsold items is closed so Im stuck with her purchases, and out my listing fees. 

ALSO, during the albertsons deal I bought 20 pampers coupons from this girl - and payed through paypal (which was specified in her auction) ONLY to receive an email 2 days later saying she didnt take credit/debit cards and to PAY HER AGAIN through other sources! I told her nevermind, to cancel the transaction (because by then they werent going to get to me in time) and she got all nasty telling me I owed her money! PS - my credit card had already been charged and payment accepted. So she basically stole my $2. Then to top it off - she came back and opened a claim trying to make me pay for her listing fees!!! RIDICULOUS. 

whew. Im so annoyed with ebayers right now!!! Is this unusual? Ive never sold things before, so I dont really know what to expect - but this seems like too much drama!!!! And ive actually LOST money without buying any items!!! I give myself an "F" in ebaying.


Shelley said...

What a crappy experience! :( I am a total ebayer and have only had one or two mishaps in about 200 transactions. Things to watch out for,...make sure they except PAYPAL. Anyone who is worth dealing with will except paypal (make sure you have a paypal account set up too,..its EASY and protects you from getting scammed). Make sure to only buy from people who have at least a 95%positive feedback rating. Also, if someone gets ugly, file a complaint right back to ebay explaining your story. It will protect your feedback as a seller. Hope this helps. Don't give up on ebaying completely,..once you have it down, is a great resource! :)

Joanie said...

Oh Christy. Do you need a hug? Sometimes ebay makes me so mad I could scream. When things go smoothly with ebay, it's great but if you have a problem- Good Luck getting any help! Ebay's new policy gives all the power to buyers as far as feedback goes. How does your buyer claim to have sent payment? Paypal or check/MO? Is your paypal account connected to your bank account? I don't know why the seller on the coupons wouldn't take your paypal pymt. Can you get your $2 back through paypal? I bet you can, just file a dispute through paypal, not ebay. Once again, the buyer has the power. The coupon lady, can't leave you negative feedback and she can't keep paypal from refunding you. It's a double edged sword, but I can't emphasise enough that BUYERS HAVE THE POWER. I went through a couple months on ebay where I about quit because I was running into problems and it wasn't worth it. Now it's been going relatively smoothly for a while. You have to take the good with the bad and see if it's worth your time. So sorry for your stress.

The Beals said...

Thanks girls :)

So yeah, I have a paypal account and so did both the buyer and the seller. I filed negative feedback on the sellers page because I woke up to some more nasty emails from her!! Unbelievable! AS for the buyer, I have proof that payment was never received on my end...but how do I prove that to her when she is claiming she has proof that it went through? I suppose I need to call paypal and get it sorted out but what a ginormous pain!!

irish said...

I completely feel for you, Ebay can stress me out and keep me up at night! I started selling in college and since then they've changed a bunch of rules (for the worse if you ask me) and up-ed the fees. I still think it's worth it though and most ebayers are much easier to work with. I would stick with it - it sounds like you've just had bad luck. Did you file payment not recieved with ebay?

The Beals said...

ok so thankfully my buyer realized an error (whatever that means) and payment was sent this evening so I will mail her stuff tomorrow. I am ever so thankful I did not have to open disputes through paypal - because they are a major PAIN and super SLOW. Im just so glad this tangle is over and done with!!! I will say this though, the anger and stress forced me to clean my house all day long today! Its very clean. And Im VERY tired :) I just dont know if Im up to dealing with this kind of drama. I suppose Ill give it a rest for a while and maybe sell again this spring or summer. Are all of you sellers having good luck with your auctions? It seems like people arent buying so soon after christmas plus everyone is trying to cut back on frivolous expenditures. I might need moral support if I list an auction again!

ps - tamra, nice to see you back on here! Hows that new little baby?