Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Cosmetics!

Thanks for getting this deal on here Carrian! I just wanted to add some info and a link in case anyone is interested in grabbing some free cosmetics! 

Apparently there was a large class action lawsuit against a list of major department stores, and the settlement is requiring they hand out $175 million dollars worth of free cosmetics to the public. Here is a link to view the participating stores (In Boise only Macys and Dillards are doing it), and the list of items they are giving away. Limit ONE per person (per store). While supplies last - so HURRY! (and take your husband!)


Joanie said...

So what do I do? Just walk up to the Estee Lauder counter and ask for it? Has anyone in Boise done it yet?

Shannon said...

I got a call from someone who did do it here in Boise. I hope there is some left when I get there. I also know of someone who did it in Tucson. They went to Dillards and Maceys.

Carrian said...

sORRY, I didn't see this post earlier today. Macys and Nordstrom you just walk up I don't know how it worked in other places. It was today only here and closed at 8.