Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Oatmeal with Left Over Catalina's


Especially if you have left over $5 Catalina's

Tonight I got
- 6 2 lb boxes of Quaker Oats
- 6 boxes of Lower Sugar Instant Oatmeal
- 12 Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt

My price without coupons was $63.98
But THEY ended up paying ME over $2.00!!

I used all the coupons from my post earlier in the week, plus two $5 Catalina's

I'm so addicted to this!!


Marne said...

Hi, good shopping trip! My sis-in-law Tiffani told me about your blog. I have a blog similar to this, and it IS addicting! My blog is

I just wanted to mention to make sure to let your readers know about how important it is to follow the rules (ethically) when couponing. It can be tempting to use a coupon when it doesn't match up...even though it will work...but in the end what happens is the stores don't get reimbursed for that item, and they will be more stingy on using coupons.

I have lived in the Meridian area for almost 5 years, and in Boise for 3 years before that. I have been an avid couponer/deal shopper for 6 years. Just in the past year several stores have stopped accepting printable coupons because people make photocopies of them, and that is not legal (or honest!)

With all of us wanting the best deal, it makes it better for everyone if we all follow the rules. Using expired coupons or coupons that don't match up with the item will only hurt us all in the long run when the stores become more stingy. Like I said, I have already seen in happen. The deals several years ago were so much better than they are now.

Let's keep it good for all of us! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and information. You have a great blog!

andrea.roche said...

I'm seriously amazed at you women. I want to be like you! Does it just take awhile to accumulate enough coupons? Like, where are you finding all the Quaker coupons? Just in past Sunday papers?

Heather Wheeler said...

Andrea- for me, I started to collect the coupons for about 3 or 4 weeks before I ever started using them (that may be a little silly because I probably missed out on deals, but that's how I did it).
The coupons that I used tonight were mostly from a machine by the oatmeal at Albertson's that was spitting $1 off coupons. But there are a ton of internet printables for quaker (I linked them in a post earlier in the week), or go to the pinching your pennies website. And some were from a Sunday paper.
Don't get too overwhelmed, it takes awhile... but if you stick with it soon you'll be doing just as well.
Good Luck!

Emily said...

Don't forget about E bay too! you can buy coupons off there! (For example: say you want 20 boxes of oatmeal from Albertsons, but you're only able to print a few off line, you can buy 10 or 20 coupons off E bay for usually a dollar or two! I always buy mine ASAP because you want them to arrive in time before the sale ends, and then you'll get a killer deal on your oatmeal!) I love buying coupons off E bay because they are SO cheap! I but the ones that I know I want to stock up on. I've bought 3 different ones just this past week! Good Luck!

The Leonards said...

I just bought 2 boxes of Oatmeal, 2 boxes of Quaker ganola bars, 3 boxes of Special K blueberry cereal, 3 bags of lays chips and some bleach and paid $2.88! I had 3 $5 coupons from last week, $2 off the quaker oatmeal and a coupon for a $1 off. I then recieved another coupon for the oatmeal for $2 and will use it tomorrow or monday and combinded with the $1 coupon and the other $2 dollars off I can get 3 boxes of oatmeal and two boxes of quaker grandola bars for $4. Sorry if that is really confusing!

Cathy said...

So fun to see the results of your shopping trip! I had a hard time getting to my Albies when things were actually in stock. I missed out on the gogurts/trix yogurt, and GM cereals (bummer, cuz we LOVE cereal at my house!). I wondered if anyone knows their stocking schedule? I went on a Saturday morning and Monday morning... Neither were good. Is Wednesday morning my best bet? Fun blog. You can see ours too (Natricia sent us your way) at (Boise gals too!).

Heather Wheeler said...

Cathy- I think each Albertsons has their own schedule. Mine in Emmett is getting their new shipment in on Friday night, so I am going again Saturday morning.
I try to do my shopping on Wednesday. This week, I went Wed. night, and they were still out of things I wanted, so I just ordered it in for their next shipment, which I will pick up Sat. Hope that helps!