Monday, January 12, 2009

Free(and almost free) items at K-mart & WalMart...

I am really visual, so I like to post pictures with mine ( I hope no one minds!) Today at K-mart (in Nampa) I was able to get 9 bottles of Gillette body wash/Shampoo for free, 5 bottles of ACT mouth wash for free, 6 packs of Huggies wipes (40-32 count) for free, 4 Pantene Mousse & gel ( I asked the checker to try the coupon on the mousse & gel even though the oz. size didn't match the coupon, and it worked, so I only spent .29 for those. (I have so much shampoo!) I also had her try the ACT mouth wash coupon because the oz. was smaller than the coupon ( and it went through. ) If I have any questions about a coupon/oz/size , I always have them scan it to see if it works on the product, if it does and goes through, then the store will be reinbursed for it, and I always feel like I was 100% honest by having them check first and not trying to sneak it by anyone.
And I was able to get 6 Suave lotions at Wal Mart for free. (The $ 1.00 off coupon just came out in Sunday's paper) I hope that helped someone!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Are all of these coupons in the Sunday paper - or - how are you getting all of these things for free? I just love this website and I'm so thrilled that you do it. I have actually referred this site to many of my friends ... so keep it up! Ü

Andrea said...

I'm new to please tell me how u get these FREE? What coupons did u use?

Directed to this site from friend of friends and soooo grateful!

Emily said...

Yes, all of the coupons I used were from the Sunday paper (mostly from a few weeks ago) but the ones that came from this weeks paper were the: Suave $ 1.00 off any lotion coupon (that I used at Wal Mart (they are normally .97 each so those were free) & then I used $ 1.00 off any Huggies bath or body coupon and then K-mart doubled that and they were free!)The Gillett coupon, ACT coupon &, Pantene coupon were from a few weeks ago! Good Luck!!!

Heather Wheeler said...

Hi ladies-
All of the coupons I used (all the same as Emily)today at Kmart were from various Sunday papers. Unfortunately I am not good at keeping mine organized by week, so I can't tell you exactly.
The Huggies coupon was from yesterday's paper.
The Gillette and Pantene coupons were from awhile back, I think 12/28
The Act was from 01/04

If you guys have any other questions feel free to email me
Good Luck!

Heather Wheeler said...

Oops- Emily we must have been posting at the same time! Sorry!

Sara said...

The K-mart store in Boise did not have the same deals as the one in Nampa. I went today (Boise) and got the Salsa, Wipes and Act. They were all out of Gillette body wash.

Andrea said...

Nampa was out of the wipes. FYi they were in the pharmacy section, not the baby section with the rest of the wipes/diapers.