Friday, January 30, 2009

Get over to Walgreens!

I hit the jackpot at one of our Walgreens tonight! They had a ton of shampoo & hair products clearanced down and I had coupons for all of it making it almost all FREE! I spent $ 3.49 + tax for all this!! (The Kotex & Buddy bars were from Wal Mart. I made .09 overage off those!)
Hurry to your Walgreens and see what they have! Good Luck!!

I got:
7 Olay body wash clearanced @ $ 1.29 (used $ 1.00 off coupon)
2 Olay Ribbon body wash @ 1.39 (used $ 1.00 off coupon)
2 large Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo & 1 trial sized one ($1.50 for large & 1.29 for trial. used $ 3.00 off printable)
2 Sunslik hair products (priced @ 1.50 & 1.00. Used $ 2.00 off any 2 coupon)
3 boxes of Zest soap (.75 each)
1 box Ivory soap (.75)
3 Dove Shampoo (1.50 used $ 1.50 off Dove coupon on each one)
3 Pantene shampoo ($ 1.50 used $ 3.00 off 2 coupon)
2 pantene moouse (1.50 used $ 3.00 off 2 coupon)
1 pantene gel ($ 2.00 )
2 boxes of magic erasers (1.99 B1G1 Free)
1 Disney princess game (3.49)
2 kotex pads (used $ 1.00 off Kotex coupon)
3 buddy bars (used $ 3.00 off 3 printable coupon)

(used 10.00 RR)
paid $ 3.49 + tax!!


Heather Wheeler said...

Were you at a Nampa one? I want to go to mine this morning!!

Emily said...

Yes! I went to both of ours in Nampa! good Luck!

The Beals said...

Good job em! I was at walgreens last night and seriously almost died with the good deals and the fact that I was without my coupons!!! Ill have to bribe the husband into watching the baby so I can sneak out again!!!

MKB said...

I was just at Albertsons and the cashier told me starting Feb 4th-March 31st they are having a new promotion where when you spend $250 (I think) you get a coupon for 5% off on an order. You can combine up to 4 of them and get 20% off of an order. I don't know if that will help anyone but thought I would pass it along.

Tamra said...

The Meridian Walgreens don't seem to have any of these items on clearance. Are they just in Nampa? Christy - did you see these deals in Boise? Anyone else have any luck?

MKB said...

Heather I can't comment on the other blog site but....

if the scott's toilet paper coupons are in the newspaper you can have mine if I still have them. My husband won't let me buy them even if they are free.

The Beals said...

Sorry Tamra, I didnt pay close enough attention to specific products when I was there last night. I was picking up drugs and not feeling well plus I hadnt brought my coupons I didnt peruse the aisles. I just remember thinking everything looked like it was on sale and I should come back with coupons! Im too sick to go out today so if anyone hits the boise locations post the good loot!

Britanie said...

I have been couponing for almost a year now and I'm so glad to find others in my area who do the same thing. Awesome blog ladies, thanks for sharing!

Heather Wheeler said...

MKB- I would love your Scott's coupons. They were from awhile ago and are $1/1
If you have them, let me know. Thanks so much!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

WHAT A STEAL! i wish though i have had coupons for all and any of those.