Saturday, January 24, 2009

Go Get your FREE 7 Up At Albertsons!! Today only, while supplies last!

I almost didn't go this morning because I figured Albertson's would only be giving 1 liter of pop out for free, but I took the kids and much to my surprise, they handed out 20 coupons to each person! Score! We drove to our other Albertsons and they were limiting 5. I was happy! 25 bottles for FREE. Thank You Albertsons! Hurry though, today is the only day and they were going fast (In Nampa @ 7th & 12th and 12th/Greenhurst) Good Luck!


The Beals said...

I ended up with 34 bottles! Im offering to bring beverages to every party I attend for the next year !

And I got 8 Bath and Body works items for $4! Thanks for the coupon!

Heather Wheeler said...

Man you guys are crazy! I was excited about my 3! That's a lot of soda between now and April!