Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Deals, Coupon Finds

Muir Glen diced tomatoes $1.16 (Walmart)

Final Price after coupon = $.16

$1 off coupon

Box of Nestle Hot Cocoa $1.00 (Walmart)

$.75 off coupon

Final Price after coupon = $.25

*Thanks once again ALISON! ;)


Marne said...

Is Walmart taking printables again? FOr the past few months they have not been taking printables (at least the one at Eagle Rd and the new one in Nampa weren't)

Shelley said...

It states right in Walmart's Coupon policy that they DO accept internet coupons. I suggest you print out their policy and have it with you when you try to shop with coupons there! :) Hope that helps!

Heather Wheeler said...

I have never had a problem at Walmart with ip's (at either of those locations..) BUT Walmart is the most frustrating place to coupon ever! They leave so much power to the individual checker which makes things so different and frustrating. I agree with Shelley about having the policy with you. That saved me today when trying to buy juice.

Shannon said...

I used the ocean spray coupons at the Nampa Walmart. They gave me no problems, but of coarse it was a young guy. Hee Hee!

Marne said...

It may have changed now. A few months ago there were lots of problems with internet coupon fraud due to some sales happening and coupons being copied and used. So Walmart had stopped accepting ANY printables. Maybe they are now. I had talked with the store manager about it, and he said it may or may not be a permenant thing. Before I print I will call and ask the store.

Heather Wheeler said...

I called the store manager at Walmart on Eagle earlier this week, and he said they were taking internet coupons.

Shelley said...

Overland and Cole's walmart does!