Friday, January 23, 2009

Idaho Statesman at Half Price

I was just at Albertsons (Meridian Rd and Fairview) to find this great deal that is offered today and tomorrow at that location. You can buy the Idaho Statesman for $2 a week (a paper everyday) for as many weeks as you pre-pay. You can pre-pay up to 52 weeks - that's a 50% savings. I receive the paper daily for around $16 a month. If you already get the Statesman, you can call and see when your subscription renews each month. Mine renews the 27th - so I am having them cancel it on the 27th and I will just buy a new subscription at Albertsons to continue receiving the paper. That was an easy $104 savings!

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Shannon said...

Thank you for this info. I got a notice to renew in the mail today. I called and they told me it was only for new customers and to be a new customer you must be stopped fo 30 days. I said so can I quit and start in 30 days and get the deal. She said I don't know if we will still have that deal in 30 days. I said well we were actually considering quiting the paper to save money (which is true) but when I read about the deal figured we could keep that in our budget. With that she said ok I will honor the deal. I renewed for 104.00 for the year and saved 100.00 dollars. Now that is a saving worth cheering about. My husband was actually impressed which he rarely is by my deals! So Thank you!