Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm in Need of Some Serious Help!!

So, I am needing to stock up on a couple "basics" and I want to know how you all buy your basics. Where do you go? Whats the price you are willing pay?
1. Hamburger Meat -we like the least amount of fat possible- like 97/3, I usually just get it at Walmart when I do my big trip.
2. Chicken- I have been buying the Kirkland Brand frozen bags at Costco. I don't even remember how much they are, or how many pounds there are... Bad I know.
3. Cheese. I usually look for the Tillamook to go on sale for around $6 or $7

Help me! I consider myself a good couponer, but I have more than slacked on these basic things... and it's about time I kick it in gear. Let me know what you do!


Joanie said...

I'm with you on wanting to know how to get the fresh meat at good prices. I don't pay over 5.99 for the 2 lb block of cheese- any brand. I just paid $13 for 6 pounds of foster farms chicken breast tenders at Costco. I know that wasn't great, but it's better than the knock off 2 lb bags of chicken breasts priced at $5 something at Winco. We all probably do this, but I buy the huge carton of ground beef and divide it and freeze sections.

Alex and Marie said...

I like to get my chicken at Albertsons when it goes on sale for around $1.68-$1.88/lb. You just go back to the deli and tell them how many pounds you want and how to pack it (like each pound wrapped separately). Their eyes get a little big when I ask for 20 or so pounds, but it's worth it.

If you have saved up and want a freezer full of beef, there are farmers that will sell you a cow. We split a cow with three families and each paid about $500. It lasted us about a year, and I cook with meat a lot. It included hamburger, steak, roasts, etc, all for about $1.50/lb. It was very high quality meat with very little fat. They package it for you. If anyone would like contact info, click on my name which will lead you to my blog and leave a comment there.

I also try to get Tillamook in the 2lb. block when it is $5.94 at Walmart. But I'm afraid it's rarely that price anymore. Winco has pretty comparable prices on cheese, too.

Monica said...

My seceret is a price list. A few friends are working on it through google documents. (lets everyone in your group access and edit the same doc)
When we shop at costco or winco we write down the cost of things we buy per unit. We put them into the spread sheet and then use it as a reference to know where to go and what a good price is.

Ok so referencing my list

1.hamburger is usually priced at 2.99/lb at Costco. I wait til Paul's has it on sale. They will often do this b/t 1.59-1.89/lb

2.Chicken breast/frozen 1.99/lbTyson winco 2.61/lb costco
but it is on sale at Albies starting tomorrow for 1.77/lb

3. cheese costco sells cheddar for 2.60/lb in a two lb loaf

Hope this helps

Shelley said...

My greatest find lately has been ground turkey! It is cheaper than hamburger meat, better for you, and in my opinion TASTES better! You can find it everywhere (prepackaged) but I usually get a whole bunch it at Walmart.

Marne said...

I personally have problems with Walmart ground beef, so I will only buy my ground beef at Albies or Costco. Albies discounts fresh beef in the evenings, did you know that? Every store is different (the managers make the decision on how much to discount and the time) but many stores around here are discounted around 9pm around $1.79 a pound. I am find with a higher fat content, I just rinse off the fat after I brown the meat.

Albies has good sales on chicken peridoically. Like the poster before said, I buy A LOT when it gets down to $1.69 a pound. During the $15 catalina promo a few weeks ago I got fresh chicken tenders or breasts for $1.24 a pound. Awesome!

As for cheese, the last time I checked at Costco (about 2 weeks ago) it is cheaper per pound to buy pre-shredded in their large bags than in bricks. I suppose it just depends on the sales happening that week. When Albies had their 2lb cheese bricks for $4.99 a few weeks ago, I bought several.

Oh, and I am all about the poster who said buying a cow. We are looking into that this year actually. Grass fed cows, locally. Much healthier for you!

Joanie said...

Monica, Is there any chance you'd be willing to share your price list? I've been wanting to build one for forever, but it's such a daunting task.

Angie Wycherly said...

Walmart has a 3 lb. bag of frozen boneless/skinless chicken for $5.00 = $1.66/lb. It's Spring River Farms brand.

When I buy hamburger in bulk, I brown it all with chopped onion and then divide and freeze. It saves so much time.

Ryan & Martha said...

I always buy my hamburger at Albies. It is expensive full price, but if you go around 8 or a little before (McMillan/Eagle) they'll discount what they ahve left. I went last week and bought all the 7% they had left for $1.99/lb. They do it every night...just call whatever store is closest, speak to the buthcer, and ask how they handle it.

Chicken I also buy at Albies when it goes on sale. Starting tomorrow it is $1.67 or $1.77/lb. Just buy it and individually bag to freeze it or have them wrap it for you.

Cheese is a good price at Costco. I buy the bulk either Tilamook or Kirkland for about $5-6 for 2 lbs.

MKB said...

I buy the meat when it is b1g1 free at albertsons. I am horrible with the chicken I usually just buy it when I don't have much to buy.

I have heard buying half a cow...I hear that is way cheaper.

Bambi said...

How much do you pay per lb for ground beef? I can get it for 2.00 per lb. My dad is a rancher and so it is good quality lean beef.

Bambi said...

I would love to hear anytime the chicken goes on sale at Albies. I always miss the meat sales. It is good to have numbers to go by now Thank you! Oh ya..If anyone is interested in a whole or half cow to share my dad could do that for you. Nothing better than Hawkes beef! The Ranch is in Utah

Carrian said...

I too use a price list to keep track of deals. Let me know if you want me to post mine. It does include Alberstons etc.
I don't think I will help, but I'll post anyway in case some in Utah wants to know.
Maceys is best for basics
Chicken $1.19 a pound and once a year $1.00 a pound
Ground Beef $1.39 a pound
Tillamook at Albertsons $4.99 with their ad

Coupon Trish said...

I do the same Albertsons sales that everyone else seems to. I'll usually get chicken for 1.67/lb. Hamburger I'll get in the evenings like Marne, marked down to $1.99/lb at Albertsons. They used to mark it to $1.59/lb but haven't lately. Like she said, call your local store to find out.

I LOVE Paul's meats and their meat sales. (Lake Hazel and 5 Mile) They just had hamburger a few weeks ago for $1.59/lb. I'll get their chicken for $1.60/lb as well. Their meat is usually local and doesn't have fillers. You can check out their ads on www.pauls.net They follow Albertson's sale days Wed-Tues. You get a price cutter club card just like Albertsons too which gives you fuel rewards and builds points for extra discounts on certain advertised products, or around the holidays, better deals on your turkey or ham.

For cheese, I always stock up on Bandon cheese at Fred Meyers when they have it for $3.99/2 lbs. Once they had it for $2.99 but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen again. Amazingly, the expiration date on cheese is usually at least 9 months from when I buy it - assuming it's unopened. It's been a while since they had a good sale on it, so I'd even pay $4.99 for it now!

The Leonards said...

When it comes to ground beef we actuay bought a meat grinder for our kitchen aid, so I buy sirloin steak whenever it is on sale at wal-mart, Smiths or Albertsons. Grind it up and then freeze it. It is great and I love knowing whats in the meat!

irish said...

I'm with Shelley on this one. I've been using ground turckey and tuckey sausage for about 4 months now and love it. Not only is it healthier but way cheaper. Walmart has the best price for the frozen one pound packages. I know walmart isn't the best place as far as meat quality but for gound meat I can't tell a difference. My husband (who comes from a meat only eating family and is picky) can't even tell a difference most of the time.

Monica said...

I will check with my friend who authored it. We are looking for people to share with but we ask that you contribute so that we don't have to keep doing all of the work. I will get back to you.

Monica said...

Oh ground beef is 1.99/ lb at ALBIES this week. 85% lean, 15% lean. It gets lower at Pauls but if you need it now that is where I would get it.
Oh and ground turkey is not for everyone, so maybe start out sm on that one in case your family does not like it.

Heather Wheeler said...

Thanks to everyone for your help!! All this information is awesome!! You guys have your crap together... I love it.

dlebeau22 said...

Our family buys the ground turkey from Winco that comes in a 5 lb log. It costs right around $6.00. We can't tell the difference in recipes like spaghetti and hamburger helper.

The Jones Crew said...

You don't know me but i know that Pauls has a lean hambuger sale like every 2 months or something for like 1.59 a pound