Monday, April 13, 2009

Intro to Couponing Part 1


The first step to couponing is to start accumulating coupons. The first source of coupons is the Sunday paper. There are usually 2 inserts in each paper. It is ideal to get multiple copies of the Sunday paper. There are a few ways to do this.

1. Subscribe to multiple copies. The Idaho Statesman has a booth in the Towne Square Mall (Open just on Weekends I think) that has a pretty good price for subscriptions.

2. Family, friends, and neighbors are a great way to get multiple copies.

3. If there is a special on a product you want to stock up on, you can buy coupons on Ebay for very cheap. Just be sure to buy early in the week, and communicate with the seller so they know your timeline before you buy.

4. You can also ask a convenience store that you go to often if they would be willing to save their Sunday Newspapers for you once they are done selling them. Most gas stations in the Boise area sell Sunday papers all week, so you could go pick them up on Saturday night.

Another source of coupons is Internet coupons or IP (internet printables). There are way too many sources of ip's to list... But one of my favorite sites for them is Also, has printable coupons for grocery items, which you can print and use at Albertson's and Walmart.

Additional coupons can be found at the grocery stores. Coupons commonly called blinkies are available in red machines set up in aisles in the stores. Coupons are often found on products in the grocery store as well.
Take advantage of these. Here's an example of this... A couple of weeks ago, there were .55 cent coupons on the most expensive loafs of Sara Lee Bread, and the cheaper basic loaf was on Sale for .99 cents. The coupon said any "Sara Lee Fresh Product", so I took the coupon off the other loaf and used it for the sale loaf.


Shelley said...

This is a great post! Thanks for giving us a lesson in couponing 101. I am curious as to how everyone ORGANIZES their coupons...Any suggestions? Pictures? Thanks! :)

Heather Wheeler said...

Shelley- Your wish is my command! :)

Mainely Mom said...

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