Thursday, January 15, 2009

Less than a Dollar!

So on Overland and Five Mile, there is a Honks dollar/Value store. It is a hybrid of sorts because although most items in the store are a dollar they have other random items for cheap prices thrown in. Anyway, on TUESDAYS all their dollar items drop down to 88 Cents! Some items I am going back for on Tuesday include:

  • 30 feet of xtra strength tinfoil
  • Large bottles of bath and body work knock off shower gel/hand soaps
  • Ziplock products (baggies and containers)
  • Cute gift bags
  • Fist aid supplies (antibacterial ointment, pregnancy tests, gold bond powder knock off)
They also had bags of diapers (I think 28 count, but im not sure) for 3.99 (If you arent picky, they look similar to walmart brand). 

Anyway, they have food items too, including bread. Its cleaner than most dollar stores and overall was a fun little outing to peruse the shelves! Might be worth a trip if you need a random dollar store item!


Nikki said...

Do they take coupons?

Heather Wheeler said...

The Dollar Tree that is by my house (in Emmett) does not take coupons. I don't think most do.

Unknown said...

Most of our do. Dollar General is 80% off and they will take coupons. It ends tomorrow. Just in case any of you ladies from Utah are here again today!

Unknown said...

I didnt even think to ask them about coupons (a true sign of a novice right???!) Ill ask them on tuesday!