Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lovin' Albertsons Gas discount!

I'm finding out I love to get my gas at Albertsons. With all these crazy Albertsons deals lately I have racked up quite the discount. I bought gas last night for 63 cents a gallon!! So I paid under $13 dollars to fill up my car!! Saving me $21 dollars. It works like this. For every $50 dollars you spend in the store you earn 5 cents off at the pump. I 'm pretty sure this is before coupons. If anyone knows for sure let me know. Then when you go to fill up you swipe your preferred card and it asks if you want to use your discount. The discount is good up to 20 gallons of gas. So I just wait until my tank is in the red and then I go since my tank holds 20 gallons. Because if you don't use all 20 I don't think it rolls over. Anyway just another way to save at good ol albies!!


Prince Family said...

Yep...I was told it was before coupons and discounts!

Missy said...

I was just referred to your blog and love all the deals you find - thanks so much for sharing!

One other quick tip about Alb. gas-

If you fill up on Wednesday (at least 8 gallons) you can get a $7.00 car wash for $1.00. Don't try to pay for it at the pump, you have to bring your receipt inside and ask for it. Also scan your card when you pay cause the whole $7.00 counts toward your next $50.00 gas reward even though you only pay $1.00.
This works at my Albertson's anyway - the one on 5 mile and overland.