Monday, January 19, 2009

New Coupon for Albertson's Quaker Sale

Use the coupon at Target's website (you can print as many as you want) and
stack it with the 50/1 from the newspaper
and get Quaker Chewy's for only 50 cents per box!!


Emily said...

I'm bummed, Our Albertson's is no longer accepting store coupons with Manufactured coupons, they said it has to be one or the other... (It changed after the last Fred Meyer/coupon/deal)Good thing we are TOTALY stocked up!

Coupon Trish said...

Which store is not? Do you know if any other store is still accepting both?

Heather Wheeler said...

Check with the Albertson's you shop at. The three that I frequent all still accept competitor Qs.
Meridian Road and Cherry
McMillian and Eagle Road

Anybody have information on their Albertsons accepting them??

Emily said...

I'm in Nampa. It's the 12th & 7th store that will only take either or.

andrea.roche said...

Sort of last minute...but if you go to Walmart and price match the albertson's Quaker $1.50 for 4 deal (Sort of a hassle), you can get a box of Apple Cinnamon instant oatmeal that has 4 coupons in it (says it on the box). $1 off two boxes of instant oatmeal and $1 off chewy granolas and $1 off a life cereal. I'm taking these to Albertsons for last minute stock up.

Coupon Trish said...

Thanks Heather - this saved me $18 since I bought 3 cases.