Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I don't know if this will apply to everyone, but I am posting because it's so worth it.
Nordstrom had a lawsuit filed against them and they are giving away TONS of free stuff today like lotions, perfumes, makeup items etc. Go get your free stuff!!'

*** Update: Macys has jumped on the bandwagon and are doing the same thing to try and bring people over. We got lotions, perfume, cologne and makeup!


The Beals said...

Sorry Carrian! I didnt mean to post on top of yours! Thanks for the info (we dont have a nordstroms here so I thought Id put macys and dillards on the list for us!) My friend from Utah called me this morning and told me about this - did they advertise it? Im going tonight to get my free stuff!

Carrian said...

It was on the news, but only about nordstrom and then when we arrived at the mall macys had a big sign out.

Bambi said...

I heard about this. Has any one been to Macys to try it? I heard it was only on Tues. Any more details?

Carrian said...

There were still items left today so we went and got more. Check your store because as of tonight Nordstrom will be doing it tomorrow morning to get rid of the rest.