Monday, January 12, 2009

PB&J @ Albertson Jif, Smuckers and Sara Lee

I was running through Albertsons again this evening and found another pretty good deal I thought I'd share. Albertsons is running a promo buy Jif PB ($2) and Smuckers grape jelly/jam ($1.50) and get a free loaf of sara lee bread (regularly $3.29). Some sara lee bread has .55 cent off coupons on it and in 12/28 Sunday paper we have $1 off 3 jif peanut butters and .35 cent off smuckers jelly/jams. I doubled the $1 off and 2 of the .55 cent off with the double coupon promo ending tomorrow. So I paid $5.25+ tax for 3 PBs, 3 jellys, and 3 loaves of bread. Not a bad deal.

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