Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Tip!

I try to be really good about rebates, and online deals, but sometimes I miss them. That program that I have been using,, has a great way to see rebates and then get them online instead of mailing stuff in. (Let's be honest, mailing stuff is half the reason I miss rebates because I never get around to it)

Go to, use the shopping wizard to select your store and "free" for the savings amount. Find the items that are free or close to it.
Go to or riteaid and select "easy saver catalog" for walgreens and "single check rebates" for Riteaid. Sign up and continue.

It will be too much to type everything here, but I can email you the directions and helpful tips if you aren't familiar with claiming rebates online or just want to look it over.

Leave your email if you need this info. Yes, savvy is for utah, but my friend in Boise says it matches the sales at her stores exactly so it shouldn't be a problem.


Our Little Family said...

I would love an email with directions! I am still getting started couponing!

But I love checking your site! THANKS for all the updates and great finds!

Prince Family said...

Where can you find the coupons they say to use?

Prince Family said...

O ya here's my email...
Thanks again

Carrian said...

I find the coupons in the newspaper or in their little coupon books at the front of the store. I also seach online at the brand name website or at websites like, or eclip etc.