Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Target Shoe Clearance

Target is clearancing a lot of their shoes from this last season for $4. The sizes are random, but they have a pretty good selection right now. 75% off! :) Thanks for letting me know about this Alison!


Bambi said...

I just got shoes for both my boys for 3.75!! YA! I was sad that all the jucie and baby shampoo was gone. What is the status with going private? or Maybe it would not make a difference.

Joanie said...

We've talked about going private, but for now we've decided to continue on publicly. It's fun to help new people learn the ropes, but we're buying each other out too. We're focusing on early shopping and pre-ordering when we get the Albies deals. Then we're not competing with all our readers. We're open to continuing the discussion, but for now we'll remain a public blog.