Wednesday, February 4, 2009

6 pack of Dove bar soap at Albertsons for .33 a box!

You can get a 6 pack of Dove bar soap at Albertson's for .33 a box!! ( I make my own laundry detergent, so I was thrilled about .05 a bar!) They are on sale for 3/$ 7.00, but we have $ 1.00 off coupons (plus use your double Albertsons coupon and you save $ 6.00, bringing your total to
$ 1.00 for 3 huge boxes. That's 18 bars of soap) Hope that helped someone!

Laundry Detergent Reciepe:
1 cup of Washing Soda (found at Fred Meyer in the laundry section for $ 2.99 a box)
1 cup of Borax (at Walmart in laundry section for $2.99)
1 bar of grated bar soap

Mix together and use 1 Tabelspoon per load! (I've done 170+ loads and I'm super happy with it! It makes it .04-.06 a load! (FYI: It cleans really well, but doesn't get sudsy like other detergents)


Marne said...

The only $1/1 Dove coupons I know of that are out are only for 3 packs of soap. Where did you get your coupon for the larger pack?

Emily said...

They are from the Sunday paper. (I think from last weeks, but not sure) They expire 3/22/09 and say Save
$ 1.00 on any one Dove beauty bar 6 pack (or larger)!
Hope that helps! My store manager had a stack of them too, he's SO nice!

Marne said...

It's from the 1/18 insert, RedPlum. Thanks.

Heather Wheeler said...

1 tablespoon?!!? Seriously? I may need to look into this!

Emily said...


I've been really happy with my detergent, and I was a die hard Tide girl. It took some adjusting to, but after I made 2 months worth for $ 5.50 (130 loads), I was hooked. I was saving a Ton and it was great detergent. My guess it that its pretty concentrated, or all the sites I researched would have recommended using more than a tabelspoon. Your call though, use 2 if you want!! There are a ton of reciepes for the liquid kind, but it just grossed me out. You have to keep it in a 5 gallon bucket and it just looked horrid (plus, trying to keep my 3 kids out of it wasn't something I wanted to do!) Give it a try!! You might become a fan as well.

Joanie said...

Thanks Emily! I got a couple boxes last night at my albies at Meridian/Fairview. They have lots of coupons left out on the aisle, so you don't need to take anything. Just get down to Meridian/Fairview Albertsons, get your ad form behind customer service and get some dove soap!

Coupon Trish said...

Thanks Emily for the tips. You have found all kinds of great deals for this sale! I got my dove last night. Also - you might watch other stores for Gillette fusion razors on clearance. The 10 mile store had the power ones for $2.74. They also had some venus ones for the same price. Another freebie I found last night - the Dixie 200 ct napkins are on sale for $1.99. With the $1/1 coupon from 1/18 RP doubled, they are free!

Marne said...

The Albies at Cherry/Ten Mile only had the 2 packs on sale for the 3/$7. Did the MeridiaRd store have the 6 packs with that price?

Coupon Trish said...

Marne - Sorry about the confusion, I went to 4 different stores last night.

10 mile and Eagle/McMillan both had the 2 pks at 3/$7.

Eagle/State and Meridian/Fairview had the 6 pks for that price. This morning I saw Tamra at Meridian/Fairview and she mentioned they only had the 2 pks at that price. She was going to go to Eagle/State to see if they were still marked 3/$7 on the 6 pks, so you might check with her to see if she knows.

I don't know where you're located, but my mom and sister got the 6 pks at the 3/$7 price at the State and 36th St store last night as well.

Good luck!