Friday, February 20, 2009

Albertson's Update

So, if any of you are still planning on buying Nature Valley Bars or Fruit Snacks at Albertsons,
GO TOMORROW or Sunday!!!

According to pyp the "buy 5 or more save $3.50" Catalina ends on February 22.


liz said...

I wanted to go get some of the fruit snacks today, but I only have one coupon from the paper for the snacks. Where can I find them online? I saw someone posted they used 50 cent of ones and that would be nice. thanks

Heather Wheeler said...

Try,, or

Sara said...

Did my first coupon transaction today! Went great for my first time! I got the fruit rollups seeing how the extra deal ends tomorrow. Only had one coupon for the rollups, but bought a whole bunch anyway. Got 12 bisquits and 10 fruit roll ups for $10.75. Then got $13.50 in in coupons back, and a $5 cash card from one of the fruit roll up boxes!!!! WOO! WOO! Just sent my husband back to do it again and fill up on gas, seeing we have .15 cents off per gallon now!

Heather Wheeler said...

Good Job Sara!