Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bg Monitor rebate Question

Walgreens has 2 different kinds of Blood Glucose monitors on sale for $14.99. They are both listed on the coupon that some of you were using to buy these. Well I went today and grabbed two of them, and they both have mail in rebates inside. One of them is up to $40, the other up to $55. You have to send in your original receipt, upc code, and the form inside. My question is - will they rebate the $14.99 even though we used a coupon and got it free? It is still listed on the reciept...but I wasnt sure.  Anyway, you can do the rebate without disturbing the product too much to give away, so I thought Id see if anyone else is trying it! * and since you have to mail in  your original receipt, when you check out id do these in separate transactions or ask for a duplicate if you are buying more than one system.

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Tonya said...

I have tried it and they wrote back a letter saying something along the lines that I paid $0 out of pocket and so there would be no rebate.
Anyone else have better luck?