Thursday, February 5, 2009

Body Wash at Albertsons

I can't get enough of this whole DOUBLING coupon thing at Albertsons! I wish they took more than 4 coupons at a time. ;) Anyways, several body washes are on clearance right now. (My family prefers liquid body wash vs. bar soap). If you are like me, I have tons of body wash coupons (Dove, Sauve, Softsoap, etc.) Each store has different quantities available, but the two I've been to seem pretty stocked.

Here's what I got:

-Dove Body Wash - Originally 8.49 - Clearancing @ 4.24 -$1 off doubled= $2.24
-SoftSoap Body wash - Originally 5.19 - Clearancing @ 2.59 -$1 off doubled= $.59
-Oil of Olay Body Wash - Orginally 5.99 - Clearancing @ 2.99 - $1 off doubled= $.99
-Oil of Olay Body Wash- Orginally 7.59 - Clearancing @ 3.79 -$1 off doubled= $1.79

4 BIG Body Washes for $5.61!!

*Good time to stock up if you ask me! :) Several Gilette Razors are also on clearance.


Emily said...

I hear you! I'm so tired of shopping! I've been in Albertson's 11 seperate times since yesterday! But I'm loving the great deals/free things!

Linds said...

I am wondering how you keep everything organzied...I'm new to coupon clipping and am trying to work out a system. I've seen you refer to your notebook...I'm just wondering how that is set up. Thanks for all the info on the great deals!

Heather Wheeler said...

I think we all kind of do it differently. If you go to the archived posts there are a few couponing 101 posts, and one of them talks about the different ways to organize. If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

Bambi said...

I know you can only use 4 coupons at a time with Albertsons doubling....but can't you just split the orders up? How is that working for everyone?

Heather Wheeler said...

Bambi- The coupons say "limit 4 double coupons per family per visit" (or something to that effect), so you have to break up the visits. Although last night my store let me do two in a row.

Ryan & Martha said...

How are you guys getting multiple ads? Eagle/McMillan today told me I could only have one, and since she gave me one yesterday, she didn't want to give me another? I've driven around to a couple of different stores to get them, but is there a better way?

Heather Wheeler said...

My store in Emmett still has their ads by the door when you walk in. I have taken a few extras just in case they run out. If you find that a store doesn't care how many you take, or if they still have them by the door, just ask or take several.

Emily said...

Between Wed & Thursday, I had to make 11 trips to get all the stuff I wanted. Most stores were super strict,and were only handing out 1 ad per trip but a few times (being friends with the manager on duty helps) I was able to do a few transactions. I just drove to the 3 closest stores in the morning and then in the afternoon. Wed I made 6 trips & Thurdsy I made 5. that's how I got my stuff.