Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buy/Sell Kids Clothes! SAVE MONEY!

Calling all Moms! The dates have just been announced, March 19-21st for the Spring Sale at Moppet Togs Consignment sale! I joke that Christmas comes twice a year for me with this sale. Why save money on groceries just to spend it all on clothes for your kids? This is my favorite consignment sale in the valley. The clothes are much better quality than Other Mothers or Kid to Kid, and you can find much nicer, name brand and boutique brand clothing. I love kid shoes and I’ve bought pediped, primigi, stride rite, puma, gap and other nice brand shoes at this sale.

Buying: You can shop the sale with the general public, but if you’re like me you want to join the other crazies who volunteer for one 4 hour shift. Volunteering allows you to shop at the first pre-sale. Getting the first choice of these clothes is a big deal! I always volunteer and show up to the sale with a laundry basket to shop with! When you consign you also get to shop at a pre-sale, after the volunteers and before the general public.

Selling: How do you sell your kids clothes? Do you sell them at a garage sale for $1-2 per piece? Do you sell them on Ebay –all that hassle gets old for me too- and then paypal and ebay take their chunk of my money. Do you sell them to Other Mothers where they give you 45% of what they deem it’s worth? Moppet Togs is the answer. Here’s how to sell at the sale. You hang your cloths on hangers, all pinned together for outfits and you price what you want to sell it for. You cut a 3x5 card into thirds or fourths and pin it to the top right shoulder of the garment. Then you enter all you items and prices in an online database. When you go to drop of the clothing They’ll have barcodes printed out on stickers that you’ll stick to your tag. You keep 70% of the sale price of your items. Every night during the sale you can log in to your account and see how much you’ve sold! Lastly, you have the option to let your items go half off on the last day of the sale. On items that I love, I won’t let them go half off, but on things that I want gone, I do. This makes for great shopping on the last day of the sale. I’d guess atleast 80% of the merchandise goes half off on the last day. There is a huge price range, so ask what you want for your things.

Get online and visit their website! Sign up to be a consigner and start getting your kid’s clothes ready! (Call Old Navy and ask them to set aside hangers for you if you don’t want to use your own.) The volunteer sign up will be out in a few more weeks. Don’t visit this sale unless you plan to become crazy obsessive about it, like me! Here's a post from my personal blog after the last sale.

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