Friday, February 20, 2009

Check your Friut Snacks for $ 5.00 gift cards!!!

The kids just opened a box of fruit snacks (Gushers) and came to me asking "Mom, what's this?"
It was a $ 5.00 gift card!! Not only did we make $ off the fruit snacks, we made $ 5.00 more!! Check your boxes to see if you're a winner too!! Sweet!! Good luck!


Crystal :@) said...

Yeah I have seen on commercials you can win up to $100 bucks. Lucky you!! I have bought a lot of those and nothing yet!

Tricia said...

Are they only on Gushers, or are they also in the Fruit Snacks and Roll-ups? Thanks Emily!

Emily said...

I've seen it advertised on some of the fruit roll ups and gushers so far (not on the regular fruit snacks)