Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally It is here The Winco Bulk list

Winco Bulk price list (This is MOST of the bulk food at Winco, but not all)
These priced are all per pound.

Cashew pieces- 3.98
Cashew Whole- 4.35
Cashews Chopped- 4.35
Almonds- 3.88
Almonds Sliced- 4.01
Pecans 5.18
Pecan pieces-5.15
Pine nuts- 12.23
Soy nuts - 1.26
Peanuts- 1.58
Raisins- 1.48
Cranberries- 3.76
Cherry- 3.59
Apples- 2.75
Apricots- 2.99
Bananas- 1.46
Blueberries- 10.04
Mango- 2.52
Pineapple- 1.63
Spaghetti - .79
Spaghetti Whole wheat- 1.03
Angel hair-.84
Lasagna- 1.34
Linguine- .84
Fettuccine- .84
Bowties- 1.09
Eggnoodles- 1.18
Eggnoodles Whole Wheat-1.37
Rotelle- .84
Rotelle Whole Wheat -1.03
Red- 1.02
Kidney- 1.15
Black- .86
Great Northern-.83
Navy- .83
Maya Coba -1.68
Split green-.64
Black eye-.99
Lentils- .88
Pearl rice-1.06
Long grain-.58
Brown Long grain-.87
Jasmine- 1.26
Brown Jasmine- 1.26
Brown Basmati-1.80
Short grain-.97

Country gravy-3.05
Brown gravy--2.31
Chicken gravy- 2.76
Chicken soup Base-3.15
Beef Soup Base-3.74
Chowmein- 1.51
Shredded potatoes-1.43
Instant potatoes- 1.06

Lemon Pepper- 3.04
Ground pepper-3.53
Chili powder- 2.84
BBQ seasoning- 2.00
Taco seasoning-2.40
Italian seasoning- 4.35
Minced garlic 2.58

Yellow popcorn-.79
White popcorn- .82
Goldfish- 3.95
Animal Crackers- 1.43

Semi Sweet chocolate-2.00
Semi Sweet mini Chocolate-3.04
Vanilla Chips-2.31
Milk Chocolate chips-2.64
Reese's PB 2.56
Carob Chips-2.20
Butter Scotch- 2.13
Chocolate melty- 2.28
Vanilla melty-2.28
Dark Choc. melty-2.20
M&M chips- 3.56
Rainbow toppings-2.42

Powdered Sugar-.49
Brown Sugar-.49
White flour .33
Whole wheat flour-.33
Soy 1.08
Yeast 3.08
White Rice-.82
Gluten Flour-2.41
Cornstarch- .76
Baking Powder-1.10
Baking Soda-.46

10 grain pancake mix- 1.35
Buttermilk pancake mix-.70
Corn muffin-1.70
Blue berry muffins-1.16
Spiced apple Muffins-1.24

Quick Oats- .42
Old fashioned oats- .42
Granola (any Flavor)-1.58
Steel cut oats-.68
5 grain oats-.86
7 grain oats -.97
10 grain oats-.96
Flax seed .98
Cracked Wheat-.30
Any flavor tea-.9 a bag


Heather Wheeler said...

Thanks Bambi!

The Smiths said...

Very helpful. Thanks!

Me Time said...

Do you know if WinCo takes internet coupons?

Heather Wheeler said...

Winco does not take internet printables.

Fancy Face Fanua said...

Bless you for compiling that! I'm always wondering if the prices went up...

amanda said...

This is great. Did you know that if you ask for bulk amounts or even a sealed bag then they will give you an additional 5% off the price? I have also been told you can buy cases of like canned food for cheaper the same way but that one I am not for sure on!

tvcadurfee said...

i know its been awhile since you posted the winco price list. we bought the pizza seasoning there awhile ago. i know its expensive but its soo good! i make my own pizzas now. it takes for the sauce 1 can of tomato sauce about 15oz its a good size can and 1 spoonful of seasoning. it makes a fairly big pizza. with a little bit of spice after its cooked. i also buy the bulk pizza dough and sometimes the jiffy mix pizza dough. for my pizza i use two boxes of jiffy mix or follow the directions on the bulk section and its enough dough to use the sauce. good luck with yours if you so choose to use this one...

Megan said...

I'm not a regular reader, but I appreciate that you compiled the list and shared it-thanks!

Michael said...

Thanks for this list of Winco's bulk prices. I am in rexburg and so it is a long drive go to Idaho Falls. We go to WinCo's once a semester from BYUI. It is a very good price for food. Some things are half price of brolim's. The bulk is the best and biggest bulk food section i've seen any where.

Rob said...

Was at Winco 2 days ago (Meridian) and they took my internet printed coupon "as long as it had a barcode" quote from Customer service counter before I hit the check out line. Thanks for the list!

candy girl said...

does anyone know if winco sales bulk candy and what kinds.