Friday, February 6, 2009

Give your budget a BOOST,...a BIG BOOST!

First off let me start by saying this isn't a hoax or a scammer thing. It is totally legit. Amber (a friend and a fellow krazy coupon lady follower) and her husband Ben have these gift certificates available and wanted to share with the rest of us (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU)!

*Please know that this is a personal post and I am not making a dime off of sharing this info. Just wanted to pass an great thing on!

Below is the information she sent to me on this amazing deal....

"$500 in FREE Gas and $500 in FREE Groceries to help pad your budget a little in these hard times. Ben has been using these certificates as an incentive to sign up new customers for his credit card processing company. Because they use so many of them they became a reseller of them and are now their largest reseller. To give you an idea of how it works I will tell you about the grocery certificate. The short version of how it works is you pick a place that you want to buy groceries. (we do Costco) You can pick any place that you want. It is not location specific but it IS brand specific. You will enter your PIN number from your certificate into the website which will then print out 20 vouchers, one voucher for each month for the next 20 months. Then you will buy groceries (at the brand that you chose) just like you do every month, but now you will send in your receipts totaling at least $100 with that months voucher and then the next month you will get a $25 cash card to that brand grocery store. You do this every month for the next 20 months and you will have gotten $500 in FREE groceries. It is a great deal and the only thing that you are doing that is beyond what you already do is sending in the reciepts with that months voucher. It is the same process for the gas certificates.

He will sell you the certificates for $25 per certificate which means that you make your money back the first month. Feel free to buy as many as you want and give them as gifts if you would like. We have done exactly that. If you have any questions the best thing to do is to call Ben at his office during the day. 854-7711 is his direct number or his cell is 573-5075. He welcomes your phone call. You can also just send a check or cash to Ben Tolman @ 4696 W Overland Rd #222 Boise, ID 83705 and be sure to put which certificates you want (Gas and/or Grocery) and quantity. If you are sending a check, please leave a comment so Ben can be watching for it."

Below are the websites for you to check out. I was a little skeptical at first so I did a little research. They are bonded and reputable. Amber has already received several $25 gift cards back (which eases my concerns greatly).

I have attached the FAQs for the gas certificates here so that you can see how it works.

What happens if I don't spend $100 on gas during a calendar month?Then you would not be issued your $25 gift card for that month. The underwriters of the program require that we submit all gas receipts each calendar month and therefore you cannot combine 2 months of receipts to submit them as one. You must spend $100 on gas per month.
What types of fuel can I collect receipts for?All kinds, including, gas/diesel/propane/bio-diesel/ethanol/methanol or any other combustible fuel sold at the gas station brand you chose during the registration process.
Why can't I change the brand of gas I choose when I register?Because is designed as a loyalty program. It's just like you choosing a grocery store because their customer loyalty cards give you great discounts. Choosing one specific brand for the redemption period will allow us to provide you with that brand of gas cards at no additional cost.
What happens if the brand of fuel I want to use is NOT on your list of cards?Then simply choose "Other" and type the brand in the box below that question. We will contact that company to see if they issue gift cards. If not, no need to worry. You can still participate in the program. We will just issue you a $25 Visa gift card instead.
Do I have to use the gift card to get gas?No. You may use the gas card for anything that the station you fill up at allows you to purchase with their card.
Can the $100 worth of receipts include other things I buy at the store besides gas?No. This is a brand loyalty program for gas and therefore the receipts you submit must be for $100 worth of gas, not other things.
If I get two certificates can I activate them both at the same time and get a $50 gift card instead of a $25 card?No. We can only issue ONE gas card for $25 per household during the same redemption period.
How can I take advantage of the two certificates I received?We suggest you use the lowest value certificate first for the entire redemption period and then when you receive your last gift card you can activate your second certificate.
Can the $25 gift cards be used as part of the $100 worth of gas spent during the month?Yes
Do the receipts have to be mailed in by a certain date? Before the end of the month, or before the end of the next month?The receipts need to be postmark before the end of the month the voucher is for.
What if I have more than $100 per month? Lets say I use $300 per month - will I get $75 gift cards or just $25?No. We can only issue ONE gas card for $25 per household during the same redemption period.
Where do I mail my vouchers and receipts?Please mail your receipts and vouchers for the same month to:ClaimYouGas.com1839 S Alma School RoadSuite 200 Mesa, AZ 85210
Can I fill up two cars?The only restriction is that our certificates are limited to one per household at a time.
What happens if the receipts do not print the gas brand?Please write the name of the gas brand on top of the receipts. Make sure that it is legible.
Can I fill up two cars in one day?You can not have multiple receipts dated for the same day. One receipt totaling $100 or more is acceptable.
When do I have to register my certificate?You should register your certificate as soon as you can because you cannot collect gas receipts until the following month. If you wait until October to register then you will not be able to collect receipts until November.
I registered online, do I need to send in my certificate? No, you only need to save your receipts and send in the voucher and receipts for each month.
Do we need to mail in original gas receipts, or can we provide photocopies?We only accepted original receipts, we don’t accept photocopies, scanned, fax.
How do I contact customer service?You may contact customer service 24 hours a day through our contact us form, or by mail at: 1839 S. Alma School Rd., Suite 200 Mesa, AZ 85210

Few things I wanted to point out, can only have ONE gas certificate and ONE grocery certificate per address. You can buy these as gifts for others though! :) Also, if you don't meet the 1oo in spending one month, biggy, just don't get a 25 gift card that month. You can pick it up again the next month.

I signed up for Albertsons (OF COURSE) and Albertsons Express for gas. :)

Okay, can you tell I am totally excited about this?! Thanks again Amber and Ben! If you'd prefer to call me to ask questions, feel free! Shelley at (208)921-1230. Again, if you are going to send a check to them, leave a comment so I know and they know.



Sam and Ash said...

Shelley, do you have ben's email? I am from Poky - I assume the card work fer here also? Thanks! my email is

Brittni said...

Shelley I live in Michigan and was wondering if I can also get Ben's e-mail? Will these work in Michigan?

alysia said...

Just a heads up with this...the rules for the program are VERY specific and they are nit picky, so if you get yourself into this, plan on studying the rules (and even then some of the rules are not very clear). I tried to do this last month and they say that you have to have 50% of your receipt be groceries. It doesn't state that it is the COST of the groceries not the total number, nor does it say that it has to be PER receipt. Anyhow, they said they wouldn't send me my voucher, and I'm in the process of negotiating it, as well as trying to get them to re-word their Q&A page. To be honest, it's been kindof a pain! So, just be aware that it has the potential to not pan out quite as you plan.

Shelley said...

Bummer you've had a bad experience. Everyone I have spoken with has been very pleased. Girls please be aware there are rules (like you must spend 50% ON groceries like Alysia said, through them) but if you are willing to stick to them, its totally worth it.

You get to chose your store/gas location so I think they can be used anywhere in the US. Ask Ben specifically on that, but I'm pretty sure the vouchers work just about anywhere.

For those of you who'd like Ben's email it's btolman@advantagecardprocessing.comor call him at the number listed in the blog. :)

Happy Savings. Thanks for the pointer Alysia! :)

Shelley said...
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Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

Ben just sent me this:

"They can e-mail me at (Home) or(Office) They work at any gas and or grocery store nationwide.

Thanks, Ben"

Ben Tolman said...

Hey Everyone,
This is Ben, and I can assure you that there are some rules that you do have to follow to make sure that you get your cash cards, however there is no nit picky stuff beyond what is listed out in the FAQ's sections on the sites. In fact things like 50% of your grocery purchase having to be groceries is a good thing. That way things like diapers and other items will not disqualify your receipt. It is very simple to follow so be sure to read through the FAQ's first. No matter what, even if you were to mess something up on HALF of your months you would still turn $25 into $250. But there is no reason that you don't get the entire $500. Feel free to contact me with any questions. This is 100 times easier than clipping coupons so don't miss out.

Cathy said...

I've been doing this for two months now... they are pretty nit picky, so be careful and follow it precisely. I agree with Alysia that the FAQ can get confusing and misleading. I still haven't received my gift card from my December purchases. I wish they had a way to track the progress (I guess I'm a control freak). But for only $25, I may very well keep going with this. Although, keep in mind that you MUST turn in the original receipt, so you'll be out of luck if you end up needing to return something.

Prince Family said...

I am excited to do this...All I have to do is get one month back and I havn't lost a thing. It is kinda like Walgreens and their rebate system. Ya it is a pain, but what part of couponing isn't?
I have a good friend who has gotten all three of the months she submitted back without any problem. I have also seen this program for $100 and it was only for $250 redemption tickets. Ya follow the rules like we all do on couponing and we will get $475!
Thanks for posting this Shelley!!

Heather Wheeler said...

Wow. Good Job Shelley. I am trying to work through my a.d.d. so that I can read the whole thing! :)

Penny McK said...

Thanks Shelley. I will be doing this!

Faye said...

How are they doing so far in getting you the vouchers on the turned in receipts. I had someone approach us about using it as a promotion and I want to know that it isn't causing people a problem in redemption?