Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get to Albertsons! Boo Walmart!

I'd first like to reiterate how horrible Walmart @ Fairview/Eagle truly is. Their checkers are fine, but their management is horrendous. One week ago a manager, Fay was treating me like a criminal for using one coupon per item and tring to do them all in one transaction. She told me she had just come from a meeting the previous day where they had gone over how this policy was fraud. After I left the store and called to complain the manager I spoke with assured me that Fay was wrong, rude and lied about there being a meeting the day before. Yesterday when I asked Fay about why she lied, she said "I don't have to discuss that with you and I was completely in the right". I'm not going to stop until I get a written or verbal apology from that women and when I do, I'll post it here. And when the manager, Scott came out, he said they were "reserving the right to refuse to sell us anything at that time." Only after we demanded to be served did he laugh out loud and tell us that we could ring each item through individually, which I DID. Here's what we've learned from Walmart- they don't have a uniform policy that they stick to, and they promote ignorance. The management doesn't understand couponing and they treat us like second class shoppers. I implore our readers to boycott this Walmart location. You can obviously do as you please, but don't count on them honoring any of your coupons- it's true, they might, but they just as easily will not take them at all.
I went to Albertsons this morning and love this week's sale. Great deals, but I don't have to buy cart loads. They're doubling up to 4 coupons per family per shopping trip. Up to $1 in value.
This morning here's what I got:
Goldfish crackers $1.50 each with $1 off coupons taped to the bag. I made .50 cents per bag.
Mini Rice Cakes 3.5 ox $1.00 each with $1 off newspaper coupon. These were free.
Fiber One 6 pack yogurt $1.99 with $1 off internet coupon.
Yoplait Yo-Baby yogurt $1.99 with $1 off cataline coupon.

If any of you were wondering the simply orange caraffe's are 3.99 each and Johnsonville sausage is 3/$7 and I used a $5 off/3 internet coupon from one of Heather's posts.
Thanks Albies for having great deals and great customer service. You'll get my business every time!


Heather Wheeler said...

Amen Sista!

Alex and Marie said...
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Alex and Marie said...

If it was me having these awful experiences, I would definitely go to the corporation and complain. I can't believe a manager would treat a customer like that. I don't think Walmart headquarters would be very happy about it. I guess I'm a grown up tattle tale, but hey, capitalism is great and Walmart wants your business. I would think it would help.

The Beals said...

I cant believe this!!!! I AM APPALLED!!!! I would be writing letters, making phone calls, PICKETING even - to get these people to be accountable for their misinformation. I have not had similar experiences at my Walmart, but rest assured I am happy to BOYCOTT the entire chain on behalf of their bogus managing styles. It makes me so sad, because Albertsons always goes out of their way to promote the use of coupons and special deals, and how to save an extra penny. The checkers there are ALWAYS so awesome and happy to see what they can do to make my deal be better and go smoother. What is so confusing to me is - you are playing by the rules!!!! You're not traipsing into walmarts across Idaho DEMANDING special deals or a bending of the rules - you just want THEIR OWN POLICY HONORED!!! Im backing you up on this BIG TIME. If its in writing and its legal - its your right to enforce it!!!! (thats the whole point of HAVING a written policy - is it not????)

Sarah said...

Here is a post, with a link to Walmarts Coupon policy, You might already have this info...but I thought it might help. Good luck
A Thrifty Mom

Here is the link

Tamra said...

I love your enthuisiasm Christy! I feel teh same way. I was there attempting to checkout yesterfday with joanie and heather and have to second everything that has been said. i refuse to shop at that particular walmart and will be calling coorporate. They are also refusing to allow store coupons in conjunction with manufacture coupons (ie freds with newspapers). I am so bugged they wasted my time!

Erickson Family said...

Oh, I had a similar situation with a Wal Mart emply and their "uniform" policies. I hope you get your apology!