Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ice Cream and restaurants

I know that the sale is over today, but Albertson's ice cream is on sale for $1.99 for the 1.75 quart size. You have to use the coupon in their ad, on the front page. I don't know if you have tried their ice cream, but it is AWESOME...the only ice cream I buy (I'm very picky with ice cream).

Also, if you want a great deal for dining out, go to www.restaurant.com and you can get $25 gift cards to a bunch of local restaurants for $3! I've used these before and had no problems with it. Use the code PREZ at the checkout, and you'll get the deal. Just FYI, most of the restaurants require you to spend at least $35 on dinner with these certificates.... Order them soon though, because they do sell out, especially at this price.


Heather Wheeler said...

So, I have been wondering about Restaurants.com for awhile. All the ones in Boise say you have to spend $35 min., is that your whole bill- so including the giftcard?
For example, if they bring you your bill and it's $40 then you can use the $25 gc and pay $15 out of pocket?
Or do you have to spend $35 (out of pocket) after the gc?
(I hope this question makes sense)

The Givens Family said...

I just purchased some of these yesterday. From what I understand, your total bill has to be atleast $35.

Shannon said...

The Albertsons Ice cream is our favorite also. Rocky Road Rocks! It is all we buy.

alysia said...

Yeah, your total bill needs to be $35 before you use your coupon. We went to Ono Hawaiian Cafe (awesome, by the way), paid $3 for the gift card, then spent $35 on dinner, they took the $25 off and so we spent $10 on an awesome dinner plus the $3 for the cost of the gc, which made it a total of $13 for the whole thing...with tons of leftovers :)