Monday, February 23, 2009

K mart deals...

Here's what I got today at the Nampa k-mart...
(all coupons doubled to get these prices)

24 pack of Scott toilet paper= $ 3.50(after $ 1.00 coupon)
Swiffer dusters= .79 (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Bayer asprin= FREE (use $ 1.00 off coupon)
Reach dental floss= FREE (use $ 1.00 off coupon)
Chinet plastic plates= .50 (use $ 1.00 off coupon)
Secret deodorant = .29 (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Dentex flossers = .99 (use $ 1.00 off coupon)
Pepperoni clearanced to 1.24 = .54 (use .35 off coupon)

Other deals that my friends got: (I gave them my coupons because I'm stocked up)

* Gillette mens body wash = FREE (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Soili razors/refills= FREE (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Lysol spray= .99 (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Lysol cleaners= .99 (not sure which ones they used)

Hope that helps! Good luck!


Dan and Emily Clark said...

So, forgive my ignorance here, but when you say, for instance, that you used your $2.00 off coupon on Bayer aspirin--was that coupon then doubled ($4.00 off) and was that why it was free? Is it regularly $4.00 (or on sale this week for $4.00)? I thought they only doubled coupons up to $1.00 (so, doubled, equals $2.00 off). Am I just confused? I could really use some help, because I'd like to head over there myself for the double days, and I'm a K-Mart virgin. Thanks!

Dan and Emily Clark said...

Oh man, and now I've looked at your post and you said you used a $1.00 off coupon for the Bayer, not a $2.00 off--but the same question still applies--which is:

1. up to what amount will K-Mart double a coupon?

Duh! Why didn't I just say that the first time? Sorry for the very confusing last post!

Heather Wheeler said...

Kmart is doubling up to $2.00, so if you have a $1 coupon they will take another $1 off, if you have a $2 coupon they will take $2 off. If you have a coupon for $2.50 off they won't do anything. Good luck if you head over, I would hurry, they don't have a huge inventory so they get picked over quickly.