Monday, February 23, 2009

K mart deals...

Here's what I got today at the Nampa k-mart...
(all coupons doubled to get these prices)

24 pack of Scott toilet paper= $ 3.50(after $ 1.00 coupon)
Swiffer dusters= .79 (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Bayer asprin= FREE (use $ 1.00 off coupon)
Reach dental floss= FREE (use $ 1.00 off coupon)
Chinet plastic plates= .50 (use $ 1.00 off coupon)
Secret deodorant = .29 (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Dentex flossers = .99 (use $ 1.00 off coupon)
Pepperoni clearanced to 1.24 = .54 (use .35 off coupon)

Other deals that my friends got: (I gave them my coupons because I'm stocked up)

* Gillette mens body wash = FREE (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Soili razors/refills= FREE (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Lysol spray= .99 (use $ 2.00 off coupon)
Lysol cleaners= .99 (not sure which ones they used)

Hope that helps! Good luck!


Emily C. said...

So, forgive my ignorance here, but when you say, for instance, that you used your $2.00 off coupon on Bayer aspirin--was that coupon then doubled ($4.00 off) and was that why it was free? Is it regularly $4.00 (or on sale this week for $4.00)? I thought they only doubled coupons up to $1.00 (so, doubled, equals $2.00 off). Am I just confused? I could really use some help, because I'd like to head over there myself for the double days, and I'm a K-Mart virgin. Thanks!

Emily C. said...

Oh man, and now I've looked at your post and you said you used a $1.00 off coupon for the Bayer, not a $2.00 off--but the same question still applies--which is:

1. up to what amount will K-Mart double a coupon?

Duh! Why didn't I just say that the first time? Sorry for the very confusing last post!

Heather Wheeler said...

Kmart is doubling up to $2.00, so if you have a $1 coupon they will take another $1 off, if you have a $2 coupon they will take $2 off. If you have a coupon for $2.50 off they won't do anything. Good luck if you head over, I would hurry, they don't have a huge inventory so they get picked over quickly.