Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KCL Investigates: Fraudulent Colgate?

UPDATE: Colgate confirmed that the $1.50 off coupon is fraudulent.
The only toothpaste prinatble coupon that's out right now is accesible from the website link below.

First let me say thanks to our contributor Emily for all her wonderful posts. She is the most seasoned couponer on our panel and the biggest philanthropist of couponed goods. I completely respect and trust her. I also appreciate the Colgate coupon's validity being called into question. I agree that it is highly suspect and probably fraudulent. The best way to tell for sure is to ask the company that puts out the coupons. I will be calling Colgate customer service tomorrow at 7:00 AM to ask about the coupon. I will post what I find first thing in the morning. There is a $1.00 off coupon that you can access from Colgate's website.
Unfortunately, most of us have likely used fraudulent coupons without knowing it ourselves. Thanks again Emily for all you do- we don't want to shoot the messenger! Emily started couponing years ago and is not a newbie. This coupon could have got past any of us.


Emily said...

Thanks Joanie. And thanks for looking into it further.

Monica said...

Thanks Joanie for calling on that. Sorry Emily. I did not mean to stir the pot. I am just trying to be sure that I am honest in my couponing and so I wondered if more seasoned couponers knew how to tell if a coupon was fraudulent. You are great at finding deals. I hope you still share them with us. Oh and I did not think that you would intentionally use a fraudulant coupon.

Nikki said...

I was at walmart and tried to use the ocean spray coupon that I printed off the web a few weeks ago. It looked like the official ocean spray website. It would not scan and they told me it was fraudulent. Has anyone else had a problem with this coupon? I noticed that expires is spelled wrong and there is not words around the coupon.

Heather Wheeler said...

Joanie- well said. I totally agree.

Nikki- I have had the problem with them not scanning, but no one told me they were frauds. Have you tried calling Ocean Spray?

Coupon Trish said...

I actually emailed ocean spray a few days ago after Nikki told me what Walmart said. I haven't heard back yet, though. I went to ocean spray's home page, which is not the same as the web page the coupon link takes you to. It looks like the web page is for Canadian operations of Ocean Spray, hence the difference in scanning bar codes, I assume (if it's real)! Anyways, I emailed Ocean Spray and gave them the link to find out if it's their coupon and will let you know when I hear back. If anyone else reaches them first, let me know!

Emily said...

I hope I didn't seem over emotional when I left my post yesterday, it was just bad timing, the kids were driving me completely insain and I was "Super crazy Mom". I hope I haven't hurt any feelings. Anyway, it's not personal, that's why its so great we're all in this together so we can help watch each others back. I know none of us would post anything we thought was wrong/fake/whatever, but it's great to look into things when there are red flags. Looking at it now, I should have thought more about the long experation date, but I just was just pumped about FREE toothpaste but other than that, it looked fine to me and it worked with no problems so I just assumed things were fine. i would like to learn more about the PDF file Monica, because I've been printing coupons from them for forever when they've come around. Example: Last year they had incredible ones: The post it note deal, the Polly pockets, the Juicy juice, the toilet scrubbers & lunch meat... I never knew that a pdf file was bad, were can I read up on it? Thanks in advance too, I appreciate all your comments. (And I love your blog!)

More on bad coupons: has anyone else heard anything on the organic tomato coupon being fake? my girlfriend told me 2 days ago she was reading something about that one. It is so hard to tell!!! The ocean Spray did look off to me but I never posted anything.I did use 3 of the coupons before my checkers commented on the no manufactured bar at the top, the misspelling of Expires and the fact that it wouldn't scan.

Thanks for all the help, concern and advice ladies!

Jilene said...

so if we bought the toothpaste, what is our obligation to Walgreens? They scanned just fine, but I'm wondering if they need to be returned???

Heather Wheeler said...

Jilene- That's probably up to you. I wouldn't beat yourself up over the purchase. I am sure we have all used fraudulent coupons without knowing it at some point. I would just use this as some motivation to learn how to spot them in the future... just my two cents.

Marne said...

Don't worry about it Emily. It's not easy to tell sometimes. It's not your fault! But just so everyone knows: most times pdf files like that with coupons, especially multiple coupons on a page, are fraudulant. I made many mistakes too when I started couponing. I found out after the fact one time coupons I used for free Haggan Daaz were fake. I felt bad, but once it's done it's done and we learn for the next time, right? :) No worries!

Many of my printable coupons from sites such as coupons.com, smartsource and other have not scanned at registers. I don't believe it means they are fraudulent. Sometimes those extra bar scans they put on the coupons cause them to beep.

katie said...

I did return my product. I felt that because I found it the day after, that I could not knowingly keep something that was a fraud. The store manager told me that they had already sent the coupons off and that they would only see about 12.00 dollars of what they lost. However, I felt that I had given back the product that could now be sold to recoup. I let him know not to take anymore coupons. I also gave him the dollar coupons back and he said he was able to use that to get back some of the money.

Yes this is a personal decision, for me it was too much on my mind because we had found it. Now if it had been a month later etc, that would have been a live and learn moment for me. He was going to get back to me what their loss person said.

Monica said...


I am new to couponing only 4 months now, so I really do not know for sure if PDF means fraud.

I just thought it seemed strange b/c anyone could scan in a coupon play with it in photoshop and then offer it through a PDF file.
Well maybe not anyone, but it seems like a way to fake something. There is no control over how many print and it just doesn't seem offical.

On the other hand when the Rite Aid $5 off $25 printed on a PDF it raised suspicion for me. When I went into Rite Aid I asked the store manager if it was legit and he said it was but that is probably would not scan b/c it was so small. They had to enter it manually, same thing when I used it at Albertsons. I guess it could have been fake too, b/c store clerks or even managers don't always know that much about couponing as we all have learned. (Walmart)
It would be nice to have more clear answers here, b/c we all want to be honest. It is pretty annoying.
What does someone have to gain by making a fraudulant coupon and then posting it on the internet for people to print?
I am just glad we have each other to get to the bottom of these mysteries.