Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Albertsons Trip

My first transaction was $24, and each transaction thereafter was between .48 cents and $3.70. I just stocked up on the things that I thought might sell out this morning. I'm sure I'll be back in the next few days to get some other items.
  • Betty Crocker Warm Delights were 0.17 cents after .50 cent off coupon
  • Pillsbury Grands Biscuits are FREE with .75 cent off 3 coupons. (Albies @ Mer/Fairview has tons of coupons these coupons to give away).
  • Chex Mix and Cheerios Mix are .50 cents to free depending on the coupon. There are .50 cent off newspaper coupons, .60 cent and $1 off printables.
  • Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks/Gushers/Fruit Rolls are somewhere between .05 cents or -.20 cents (overage) depending on your coupons. I got 50 boxes for free! There are many variations coupons out there .50/1, .50/2, $1.25/4 and $1.5/5 are what I used.
  • When you buy 5 fruit snacks/gush/rolls you get an additional $3.50 off catalina with the $10 off. In each transaction I had 5 fruit snacks and 5 other items. I was afraid if I did 10 fruit snacks together in one transaction, I'd only get one $3.50 catalina. If anyone tries this and gets 2 $3.50 cats please let us know!
Some other deals I may go back for:
cookie mix will be .37 cents after .40 cent off coupon
frosting will be .27 cents afer .50 cent off coupon
progresso .50 cents after any number of variations of .25 cent off 1 can coupons

What'd everybody else get? Have you gone yet?


Amanda said...

this is going to soud so amatuer but id you get all those coupons from your Sunday paper. I am still trying to figure out how you girls do that!!!

Joanie said...

I get several Sunday papers, Heather's Dad owns a gas station and she splits the papers with me. I also get some coupons from my Albertsons location. My fruit snack coupons were catalinas (that sometimes print with your receipt at the end of a transaction). You can always go through the trash by the self checkout and get a bunch of those catalina coupons- it's not as bad as it sounds. Did that help? You don't sound amatuer and I'm sure I don't sound professional. So keep your questions coming!

Melanie Farrell said...

Thanks for the heads up so I could plan my deals! Love your blog. I've got a pic of my deal on my blog!

MKB said...

So I have a question for you. What do you do with all of your stockpile? I was looking at mine about a month ago and noticed that some of it has or was about to expire. How do you go through all of that stuff so it doesn't expire?

I am having a hard time buying what the deals are when we don't even go through all of that stuff.

Angelie said...

I like your legs in the pic! haha
Luv you!

Emily said...

I think you learn as you go with stockpiling. Sometimes the deals are so great, we buy a ton, and then find out we either don't like it or we just are not in the "mood" to eat it. When that happens, I would hold onto some of it (for emergency purposes, because we would eat almost anything if we had to) but then I would suggest donating it to your local shelter before it expires if you know for sure your family won't eat it. Another option is to find a family in need(I think we all know a TON of people out of work right now)The great thing, is that most things last A LOT longer than their experation date (even most dairy lasts 5-7 days longer than it's date)
And when there is a new product I haven't tried before, I buy 1 box, take it home to see if the family likes it & if they do, I return to stock up. I don't want to buy 20 boxes of something without knowing if they will like it or not .Even with items we eat like crazy, there is actually only a certain amount we will eat, so I try to not got too wild with the deals (unless I'm sharing with family's/giving to the community!)

MKB said...

I understand all of that. And I don't go out and totally stock up on fact, everything you have said I do. I was just wondering if anyone else had suggestions on what they do with your stockpile because it seems like they are always running the same deals kind of. Not that I am going to complain you know you can always get a good deal.