Saturday, February 28, 2009

Newspaper deal

My friend Sarah, at "A Thrifty Mom" sent me this info...great deal!

I have been working with Greg at the Idaho Press Tribune the last three weeks getting him to offer a coupon friendly paper price. The agreed to to start offering the "A THRIFTY MOM" paper deal. All you have to do is call Greg and ask for the"A THRIFTY MOM" paper deal and he will know what your are talking about. If you call the main number they might think your nuts.....I have all the details in this post, price how many paper...... not not deliver to Boise but most other areas. The price is $13.80 for a daily paper and 4 Sunday papers, but visit her blog for all the info.


Anonymous said...

random question--

i followed your tip for printing internet coupons by changing my ink and printer settings. it works fine, and prints black and white, except when websites use that Coupon Printer. Whenever, i print coupons with that program they print in color & usually have ads at the bottom with even more color. Any tips for getting those kind of coupons to print in black and white?

*NaTaLiE SaNdaLL* said...

I have the same problem and have tried EVERYTHING! Any insight would be greatly appreciated:o) (going through ink pretty fast)

Tamra said...

I know when printing Bricks, I cut my paper in half and then print. The coupon is always on the top with these and it saves me paper and ink. I only do this when I know the coupon prints on top though. I go through so much ink and paper too.

Tamra said...

Also, I get my papers for .50 per Sunday. I only get Sundays and signed up at the kiosk in the Boise mall. I've seen this deal a few times but you do have to pay up front for the year. I think with thrifty momma they end up being .60 a paper? plus weekdays. That's still a great deal but do watch for the mall kiosk specials.