Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Printables Galore!

Crystal Light $1/2
You have to sign up for a free song download and then you can print up to 3

Progresso Soup Coupons
This link will take you to their website and there are a few coupons to print ($2/4 and $1/2)
Thanks Heather for reminding me about this $1.10/1 Progresso Coupon. I had already printed it, so I over looked it. Try here or here

Cheerios .50/1 or here

$1/1 Macaroni Grill Kits (or try here)

$1/1 Kettle Chips (take the pledge.. get a coupon, not a bad trade)

Blue Bunny

$1/1 Honey Nut Cheerios (are these included in the sale this week?)

$1/1 Toaster Strudels here or here



Heather said...

When you use the progresso soup coupons from their website, 10 cans at albertsons should be FREE!! There are save $2 when you buy 4 and save $1 when you buy 2. 10 cans @ 2/$3=$15, then $10 catalina=$5, then you use 2 of the save $2 on 4 cans (8 cans) and on save $1 on 2 cans =FREE! Those of you using $.50 coupons should use the coupons!

Shelley said...

Great finds! Thanks for posting!

Emily said...

Thank you so much! We can get 12 FREE cans of soup with the Progresso coupon!! Thank you!! (That's my food storage item of the week!)

Heather & Dave said...

And I just found another even BETTER coupon:
It's $1.10 off 1 can of progresso. expires 4/20/09. It lets you print 2 with different bar codes. Keep up the good work krazy ladies :)

Dan and Emily Clark said...

Whoo hoo! thanks for the progresso link--I just scored 60 cans of free soup for our food storage! Ok, so you do have to pay .90 tax on each transaction, so they were actually .09 per can, but heck, I'll take it! The lady behind me in line was mucho impressed--it caused quite a stir! So I hooked em up with website info so they can get coupons too. I almost feel like you guys should print t-shirts or something with your blog address on it. . .I feel like I give it out so often! I could be your walking advertising!

Dan and Emily Clark said...

Martha, I'm posting this reply in two places, so hopefully you'll get it--

The way I got so many free cans is that I made Dan print them off as many computers at work as he could. He managed to print them from the progresso site twice from 4 different computers, so 5 including ours, and then we had enough coupons for 6 transactions. It was awesome getting it all at the store!