Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Progresso light soups

Has anyone bought the progresso light soups on the sale? I have light coupons, but not regular...

Here's my deals...

Grands (some of the biscuits have 50 cents off any 2 stickies on them, which makes them free)
chex mix...I'm stupid and forgot to give my coupon to the cashier...does anyone else do this?...made me mad at myself. So, they were $1...should have been free
Betty Crocker cake mix...25 cents
Betty Crocker frosting...17 cents (with a 50 cent manuf. coupon)
Betty Crocker cookie pouches...17 cents (the frosting I bought had 50 cents off any cookie pouch, so I used the coupons from those for the cookie pouches)
Betty Crocker Stickers (fruit roll up thingys)...they paid me $1 for every 5 I bought (I had manuf. coupons for 50 cents off per box and then the catalina for $3.50 printed off also. I didn't try more than 5 boxes per transaction, because the catalina prints $3.50 off per 5 boxes, so I don't think it would print 2 of them for 10.


katie said...

It does not include the light. It is only the Traditional and the Hearty. I grabbed Minestrone, it is a vegetable classic and it did not work.

Also, the Nature Valley bars are only on the sweet, and the roasted not the regulars

Tricia said...

Hi -

If you go back with your receipt and your coupons, they'll reimburse you for the ones you forgot to use!

Also, it will only print one catalina per transaction for the 5 fruit snacks, because the promo is
"Buy (3) & get $1.50...OR buy (4) & get $2.50... OR buy (5) or more & get $3.50..." I typed the entire promo when I got it a few weeks back... here's the link.