Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rite Aid Prescription Transfer Coupon

My two kids are sick and have ear infections- yuck! But after we visited the Doctor, we had the prescription called into our usual savon pharmacy and then I called Rite Aid and asked them to do a transfer. Rite Aid takes your info and calls the other pharmacy and transfers the Rx to their store. Then print off these coupons for 2 $25 gift cards for transferring 2 prescriptions. I made $50 from having sick kids! I got a humidifier and a big toy dump truck for my sick son for free! The coupon is a pdf, but it's legit. You can navigate to it from Rite Aid's website. :)
The Rite Aid offer expires 3/31/09. Target also had $10 coupons for transferring a Rx in this week's Sunday paper, but only local Target w/ pharmacy is Nampa.


Heather Wheeler said...

Thanks Joanie

Carrian said...

Walgreens does the same. I know some of you have told me you don't have a Rite Aid.

Joanie said...

Walgreens had a printable coupon that is no loner available. They will still honor the coupon, but if you haven't already printed it then you're out of luck.