Thursday, February 19, 2009

Statesman half price!

I was at Fred Meyer today (the one in meridian) and there was a guy from the statesman right when you walk in the front doors. You can get a Sunday/holiday paper for half off the reg price. You can sign up for as many as you want. They just have to be under different names and you have to either pay for a 6 month subscription or a year subscription up front. He will be there tomorrow and Sat only. So if you need newspaper subscriptions it's a pretty good deal.


The Barker Clan said...

O.K. so I am new to this whole coupon, Albie thing and I have a few random questions. With the Albertsons 10 for $10 can you purchse 20 of the items and get two $10 Catalina's or does each group of ten need to be a seperate purchase. Also, if the sale is 2 for $4 do you have to buy the two items to get them at the discounted price. Again, I am sorry, I am new at all of this and am going to make my first Albie trip and just want to be sure I don't mess up. Thanks!

Heather Wheeler said...

You will want to keep your transactions in groups of 10. (I haven't verified that if you bought 20 things 2 would print... but you maximize your savings by only purchasing 10 at a time).

If it is on sale for 2/$4 you only need to by one to get the $2 price.

Good Luck!

The Barker Clan said...

Thank you for the help. I love your blog and I am looking forward to my first experience.

The Cannons said...

So is it cheaper to go and get a Sunday paper on Monday at your local dollar store or is it cheaper to get the statesman for half price? I have no idea. I am new to this too and I absolutely love this blog!