Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walmart Deals

Sani-Hands for Kids Wipes (18-ct.), $1
$1/1 Sani-Hands, from 3/2/08 insert
or Printable $1/1
FINAL PRICE: FREE after coupon

Ken’s Steakhouse Dressing (8-oz.), $1.17
$1/1 Ken’s Steakhouse Dressing, from 1/11/09 insert
FINAL PRICE: $0.17 after coupon

Ziploc On The Go Containers, $0.93
$1.50/2 Ziploc Containers, from 1/11/09 insert
FINAL PRICE: $0.18 ea. after coupon

Nestle Hot Chocolate (10-pk.), $1.00
$0.75/1 printable
FINAL PRICE: $0.25 after coupon

Thanks to dealseekingmom for the help compiling the list!

If you decide to brave Walmart again, good luck!


Coupon Trish said...

Great graphic Heather - quite ominous! Did your rice dream coupons come? I got worried that the usps had raised stamp prices since the last time I bought them and couldn't check b/c they don't say the cost on them! But the letter wasn't returned, so it's probably fine.

Heather Wheeler said...

Trish- I did get your coupons- thanks so much! And I loved your post about being addicted to coupons. I'm a proud coupon addict.

Joanie said...

Love the graphic!

Joanie said...

Heather, I couldn't find the sani-hands printable. Can you help me?

Heather Wheeler said...

Joanie- It was on page 5 or 6 on that link. I printed mine last night, but it's not showing up now. I am not sure if it's because I've printed the limit on my computer or if the offer is gone. The coupon says "Save $1 on the purchase of Sani-Hands for kids or Sani-Hands Hand Wipes" Sorry!

Keri Lyn said...

thanks for all the great info -
I couldn't find Sani-hands in Walmart...can you tell me where they place them? (asked 2 employees and was told by both that they don't carry them...)

Also ~ had a horrible coupon/saving experience up at the Glenwood/State Walmart - very grouchy checker who questioned every coupon I had. I knew when I chose that lane I was making a mistake. I have enjoyed your info on Walmarts and I think they need to do a "checker tune-up" for all locations. If you are using coupons they treat you like you are an annoyance.

Also - I did find a couple great deals at Walmart - you can use the $2/hershey coupon (2 bags) for the clearanced Valentine candy - which makes it really cheap. Same thing with the dark chocolate. (sorry - I don't have reference to what date these coupons were but they were in the Sunday Coupons.)
Happy Day!