Saturday, February 7, 2009

Walmart Store Manager- Meeting Review

Sorry it took me so long to post this. I'll summarize here, but feel free to read the entire interview below. James was polite, but completely clueless about couponing. He didn't know his store had a printable policy. When we showed him he was surprised. He didn't know any policies and he hesitated to agree that couponing was getting extremely popular. You should have seen his face when he realized that heather's gaping binder was full of coupons. He took down our contact info and said he'll get back to us with some more specific answers. He was very slippery and diplomatic in the interview. I like to compare corrupt politicians who've spent too long in Washington DC to management who've maybe spent too long at Walmart. This explains how the checkers are somewhat friendly and the management are awful. That said, James was professional and we appreciate him meeting with us. I don't want to provide too much bias commentary, you read and decide for yourself.

Do you accept store coupons and manufacturer coupons for one product? Your manager, Scott said you do not.
We’re not supposed to stack store coupons. I’ll call someone higher up to check.
He couldn’t believe when we told him that other Walmart locations or Albertsons will do this.
Do you accept competitor coupons?
Gernerally Speaking. No % off offers or gimmicks like spend $10 get something for free.
But then he proceeded to explain how then did make an exception for a woman at Thanksgiving and then honored the Freddies spend a $$ amount and get a free turkey. Seriously No consistency.
Do you match competitor prices from their add?
Do you accept internet printables? All or some? What are the criteria?
I can’t lay down any criteria, you could ask if they’ll be accepted ahead of time (before you shop). I’ll check with someone higher up and get back to you on criteria.
He had no idea how to legitimize an internet printable. He had no idea about how to look at the numbers and make sure they’re different. (Every Albertsons checker knows that much) We expressed our frustration with him not being able to tell us how he’ll instruct his cashiers to inspect the IPs. He said he’ll look into it- very non committal. If it doesn’t scan it likely won’t be taken.
What does “one coupon per purchase mean”?
It means one per item. I have no problem with that.
At first he didn’t know what this meant. Only by the end of the interview did he consent and say he didn’t have a problem with it.
Is there a limit to # of coupons used per transaction?
Not that I’m aware of.
His corporate store coupon policy says limit of 40.
On multiple occasions your managers have treated us so badly that the cashiers are embarrassed and apologize on their behalf. How do you respond to this?
I agree the cashiers are nicer than the management
How do you respond to your manager Scott verbally attacking us and reserving his right to refuse us service?
It was explained to him that this was inappropriate
How do you respond to the insistent and blatant disrespect from Manager Fay? And specifically do you think it is okay for walmart staff to lie and claim that they just had a meeting the day before about couponers when in fact no meeting was held?
I’m going to sit down and have a talk to Scott and Fay.
When I asked Fay if she lied to me her response was, “I don’t have to discuss this with you. I was told I did everything right”.
That wasn’t professional.
How do you respond to staff calling us “you people”- Generally speaking I believe they’re meaning Moms using coupons to save money?
No comment
I ended up stating this more than phrasing it as a question.
Will you ask your employees to apologize to us for the way we were treated?
I don’t want to put them on the spot.
Will you have them write me a letter of apology?
Yeah I can do that.
I can’t wait for this and you’d better believe I’m gonna scan it in and post it here. It better not just say “I state my regret”. –Dwight Fay (inside The Office joke)
Besides the poor customer relations, my objection to your store is the inconsistency in which your coupon policy is enforced. Will you be willing to clarify the rules and commit to upholding the rules, as outlined by you, in your store in the future?
I’ll check into these things and get back to you:
Criteria for accepting and legitimizing internet printable coupons
Taking a store and manufacturer coupon for same product.


Unknown said...

Im sorry but this just made me SO HOSTILE. What was the point of meeting with you guys if he had NO IDEA what the store policies were and had NO intention of offering any clarification other than "they were unprofessional - and - Ill have to get back to you on that". Wasnt the whole point of the meeting to "GET BACK TO YOU" regarding all these inconsistencies and management problems??? He should have been extremely apologetic and at the least - PREPARED to resolve these issues. From what I read - I really can't see how this meeting cleared up ANYTHING! Its still up to the checkers to decide which coupons they'll take, how many, and from where!!!! So where do we go from here? Call ahead to walmart before we dare shop there, to see if our luck is good that day and the manager is tolerant of "us"? No thanks. Until a written uniform policy is being implemented Ill pass on the whole walmart experience. You girls deserve your apology, and then some. If they dont follow through, and there continues to be problems with inconsistent/rude managers - I'd file a complaint with the Idaho Attorney General. In fact, I probably would have done that after the whole "fay" incident anyway. That woman needs to find a job where she cant harass people. Sheesh. What does everybody else think about this? Am I getting all ticked off for no reason??? I just think this is absurd.

Mama Yo said...

Wow - clueless is right! Seemed to be a pointless meeting... hopefully he'll really "look into that" and educate his staff on corporate policy!

Tamra said...

Point for Coupon moms! Way to go Joanie and Heather- you guys totally schooled that manager! I am very proud.

The Cannons said...

Good for you guys for standing up for the rest of us.

rattriffic said...

I cannot honestly believe he agreed to meet with you...usually it call corporate. I only deal with albertsons because they are most consistent I feel as if I walked in wearing a mask and gun at winco with coupons and at walmart you get what you pay for ( cashier wise) if you pay someone 7 bucks an hour your not gonna get much!! I have to give you girls huge props for taking him on way togo!!!!