Sunday, February 22, 2009

You've Asked, So Here It Is....

A Krazy Coupon Lady Class!!!

Okay "Coupon Virgins".... Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? Are you ready to start cashing in on all these Krazy Deals?

Mark your Calenders for This Thursday February 26th at 8:00 pm at the West Family YMCA in Meridian.

Cost is $10 per person
We will teach you how to get organized, all about individual store coupon policies, how to get newspapers, and we'll answer all your coupon questions.
Plus, we'll have a giveaway for newspaper coupons to get you started and one lucky coupon newbie will win a personal shopping trip with us, so we can walk you through the whole krazy process.

Sign up by emailing Katie at


The Jacobson Family said...

Darn, I wished I lived in the Boise area---do you know of any coupon ladies in the Twin Falls area? I love your blog bytheway, Almost all of the other frugal blogs I have found are for back east or the midwest!

Amber said...

If it goes well, will you do another one? We are out of town this week and if I knew it was happening, I truly would have stayed home!

Heather Wheeler said...

Jacobson Family- I don't know anyone in Twin Falls, but if you ever come over to the Boise area we could plan a trip.

Amber- I am sure we will be doing other classes, sorry for such short notice!!

The Givens Family said...

Someone else just emailed me and asked about us coming to Twin Falls. We might consider it if the group is large enough and we'd probably have to charge a little more per person to make it worth our time and money to get there. Let me know what you think. You can email me if you'd like.

penny said...

I think I'd like to go. After we get to the YMCA where is the class going to meet?
Do we pay after we get there?

Heather Wheeler said...

I think if you ask at the front desk they will tell you. If I remember right, it's where they have birthday parties. Back kinda by the pool. (Katie, correct me if I am wrong)
You can just pay when you come, see you then!

The Givens Family said...

The class is in the Multi-Purpose room, to the left when you walk into the lobby. If you get lost, just ask at the front desk.

Hillary said...

Shelley you need to "come home" to Blkt and do this!

Jen said...

I'd love to come, but we're getting together for my uncle's birthday tomorrow. Good luck!

MacLerran Family said...

Our Family is in Twin Falls and have been learning and using the coupon strategies since January 18,2009.

We'd like to know if you do come to Twin for a class. My husband helps me out with the couponing (we work as a team!)-- he enjoys organizing the coupons and is better at it than I am.

We both love the savings!

Thanks for this GREAT Site!

The MacLerran Family from Twin Falls