Friday, March 6, 2009

15 Dollar Store

Here is a fun little website called the 15 Dollar Store - where you guessed it, EVERYTHING is 15 bucks or less! This used to be a store in California, but it went out of business or I guess converted to online-only a few years ago. Its perfect if you need a random pair of high heels or better yet some cute maternity shirts that still qualify as 'trendy'. Its hit or miss as far as what you might find here. A lot of it is "Juniors" but I found a lot of cute more 'grown up' things too. they even have boys and girls 4t and up. Accessories, belts, jewelry, you can pretty much find it all here. Here are a few things I thought were cute to give you an idea:

Summer is Coming! (I hope! If only It would quit snowing...)

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