Saturday, March 14, 2009

$50 Usborne Book Give Away!

Usborne books are my favorite! They have amazing children's books! Check out THIS link over at Fabulessly Frugal to enter for your chance at $50 in free books. Hurry, can enter until Wednesday! Thanks Sharee for letting me know about your great give away!


The Hamel Family said...

Hello Ladies,

I was trying to take advantage of the free Coffee Mate creamer from Walgreen's this week...I started at the Walgreen's on Fairview and Locust Grove, they were out so I went to the Wags on Overland and Meridian Rd., they had plenty in stock but would not honor my coupons saying that I was "only purchasing one" so could not use both coupons. I left and tried the whole scenario again this morning, however this time I spoke with the Asst. Mgr. and the Store Mgr. Mike and they both they said the same thing. Did I do something wrong or is the Overland/Meridian location just not as coupon friendly? I did mention to Mike that the stores need some consistency.

Thank You All!
Angie Hamel

Allmaras Family said...

I got some with no problem on thurday!

Tamra said...

They should have accepted your coupons. The way I understand it is they are still technically selling the item to you (for free) so the manufacturer will refund the coupon. Sorry for your bad experience! I know how frustrating the inconsistency is!

Joann said...

I am new to couponing and just went to Walmart and bought 5 copies of the Sunday 5/24 Idaho Statesman. The only coupons I found in them were the store inserts. There were no just general coupon inserts. Is this usual? Do I have to have a subscription to get the coupons? Can anyone answer this for me.