Wednesday, March 4, 2009


For An Overview of the Sales at Albertson's that start today go here, here, or here!
Or check out all the fun at pyp

I am most excited about $.29 Dannon Yogurt.... printables here (or here) for $1/10!

(edited to add: sorry- I had a darigold coupon linked... no wonder pyp "missed" it...oops!)


Joanie said...

I think the $1/4 might be out of prints. But I was able to print the $1/10. We go through lots of yogurt in my house!

Heather Wheeler said...

I just printed mine like 30 minutes ago with no problem... ??

Allmaras Family said...

So I am not figuring out how you came out with .14 cents? Can you help me please. I have the albertsons coupon for .39 and then the coupon for $1/10? So it comes out to $2.90.

Joanie said...

Allmaras Family,
You're right, they'll be .29 cents each with the $1/10 coupons. Heather had $1/4, which is an so .25 cents of one instead of .10 cents making hers .14 cents.

Dan and Emily Clark said...

Ok, the Dannon is on sale for .39 (limit 9), so how can you use your $1/10 coupon--do you have to buy 1 more at full price? And wouldn't that pretty much negate the reason for using the coupon anyway?