Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Few Freebies

KMart $5 off $50 Purchase!
Use this coupon before you scan in the rest and make your doublers an even better deal! I just found this coupon and haven't tried using it at any local stores, but as I read the fine print, I think we should be able to use it in addition to manufacturer coupons+doubling.

Other Deals:
Knox Gelatine is priced at about $1.36 at most stores.

(It is found right above the Jello boxes and pudding mixes.
I use unflavored knox gelatin to make this recipe for rolled fondant for my kids' birthday cakes
Use this $4/1 any Knox coupon and get $2.64 overage toward other items in your cart!
(This coupon scanned just fine with no beeps at the checkout!) thanks moneysavingmom for this deal!

Target Deals:
Renu Multiplus Contact Solution (trial size)–$0.99

- $1.00/1 Renu printable
free after coupon

Shout Wipes (trial size)–$0.97
- $1.00/1 Shout Wipes printable
free after coupon

Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner–price varies
- $2.00/1 Pledge Multi-Surface printable
- $1.00/1 Pledge Target printable
Take the pledge coupons to Albies or Walmart if you find a better price there and let us know how it goes!


Kelsie said...

Does anyone know if the statesman and the Idaho State Journal have the same coupons. The journal offers the thrifty mom deal which is very cheap. The statesman doesn't offer the same deal and they said they couldn't because they offer more coupons. Is that true or are they just trying to sell me a subscription?

Allmaras Family said...

You can not use the Kmart coupon before coupons i tried on monday. Has anyone else been able too?

Thrifty Queen said...

I think that coupon had a May 2009 date. Check and see. You could save it and use it for May!

Thrifty Queen said...

Actually I think it says 2008????

Ashlee said...


Joanie Demer said...

Allmaras Family, at which location did you try to use it? I might go in to KMart tomorrow and see what they say.
Thrifty Queen, I've got it linked up correctly now. It's valid until March 28, 2009.
It is a pdf but it should be valid. You can go to KMart.com and sign up for email specials and they'll email it to you. Thanks for your help!
Ashlee, I really do like this fondant recipe, but I've never tried anything else. I use my kitchen aid to do some of the kneading even though the recipe says to do it by hand. Good luck!

Ryan & Martha said...

I've been able to use the Kmart $5 coupon several times. The coupon says March 22-March 28 2009. I know several people who have used it too without any problems. I had one cashier that wouldn't take it...not sure why...but others have taken it with no problems. Just be sure to ring it through first.

Tamra said...

Kelsi, I'm not sure that the ID Statesman has anymore coupons than any other paper - that sounds fishy. Also, I'm almost positive that the statesman does in fact offer a coupon insert deal (about .60/paper but you have to buy weekdays). I would keep an eye on the ID Statesman kiosk in the mall. I receive home-deliverd Sundays and Holidays only for .50/week/paper. I think that is actually cheaper than the thrifty mom deal and you don't have to pay for week day papers.

E.Daw said...

Not sure about the Pledge but the Snuggle $2 off coupon is a better deal at Walmart. You get 50 ounces vs. 32 ounces for the same $3.99 price at Walmart. They took the IP thus making the fabric softner $1.99. Also, the Cheeto's coupon is a better deal at Walmart with the full size bags being regularly $1.88 with $1.00 off being .88 BUT they would not take that particular IP from me. I didn't have their policy but the manager had said some people were using Target coupons fruadulently. I think the register beeped so they just didn't want to deal with it, but I know this can vary by store, so if you have to deal with Walmart anyway-the Cheetoes coupon is a good deal there. Hope this helps

Me again said...

Am I the only one questioning the honesty of using that particular kmart 5 off coupon?

That coupon was put out there for people who sign up for their mailing list. You give them your e-mail, you get 1 coupon.

One was not meant to be used over and over by multiple people.

At least, that is how I see it.

Is it coupon fraud?

I'm a new couponer, so I could be wrong, but I have heard so much about what not to do, that this strikes me as one of those things.

Wouldn't the store lose money on this?

Joanie Demer said...

Me again,
I appreciate you bringing up the honesty of printing the $5 off $50 coupon multiple times. Here are my opinions on the matter:

-When a store gives you a pdf coupon there is no print limit. If they wanted to limit the prints they could easily use another format.
-On some sites, I sign up a few of my email addresses so I can get multiple coupons, I don't believe this is dishonest.
-We also have 2 computers and so I print to my limit on both computers for IPs.
-I think printing this coupon multiple times is no worse than hitting the back button while printing the Salsa coupon and printing until the limit is reached.
-I'm sure Kmart would rather you sign up your email than print from our blog, so go ahead and do so here:

-I would gladly tell the KMart manager that I'm using multiple coupons and I think he or she would be glad to have my business.
-Every company, including grocery stores are trying to give incentives to get business, I'm sure Kmart will be glad to give you $5 off to have your business.

So, I think I made my opinion clear, but I believe this is in NO WAY coupon fraud.
I like a good ethics discussion and I really appreciate you bringing this up. I think it's a fair question. So please don't feel bad because I disagree. Maybe there are others out there who have an opinion on the matter. Anyone else want to weigh in?

Dean Family said...

My Target in Nampa wouldn't take my ELECTRASOL cpn or my SHOUT cpn today. I know Target is off and the cpns were legit, the bar codes matched...but I guess I wasn't in the mood to argue. I may go back later today...has anyone else had this problem? They said the Electrasol has Quantrum on the cpn not the product and it has to be whats on the cpn. They said my shout wipes were "smaller than a trial size" so they didn't work either.

Desirae said...

I cant get the shout wipes to print. It keeps telling me that, the page is error.