Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Domino's "BAILOUT" Free Pizza SCAM

I just got off the phone with Dominos Offices in Boise and confirmed that their website has been hacked by someone in Los Angeles and the BAILOUT code is a scam. I would not suggest driving to pick up your pizza until you've confirmed with the store that you're going to get it for free. Sorry for passing a bogus deal on to you all, this was a hard one to verify.


andrea.roche said...

I tried to make an order for tonight with the code, and I couldn't get it to work. Anyone else?

Blue said...

I'm in Salt Lake City and just future-ordered one to pick up later today (they're not open yet). Did you know that in addition to their ubiquitous marinara sauce, they have White Garlic Parmesan sauce? I didn't.

So I ordered a Medium(12") Hand Tossed Pizza with White Garlic Parmesan sauce, Cheese, and Grilled Chicken. I think I'll add some pine nuts and pesto sauce to it when I get home. But still, free pizza. Woot!

Make sure you A) pick a medium, one-topping pizza, then click the add coupon thing and type bailout, and check the total before you order. It should be $0.00. And off you go.

The Hendricks ID said...

I ordered and it workked for me but I ordered right after I saw the email thinking it migt go away soon, it said it was free and to pick it up tonight, then just now I tried to do one for my mom and it said the code wouldn't work so I think maybe it is over I don't know.

Keri Lyn said...

This offer is not legit ~ I just confirmed it the Dominos. It is just a glitch in the system and/or a hack job ~
so even if it said you could order, your pizza probably won't be there for free ... bummer!
just wanted you to know!!
(maybe call and ask?!)

LnZ said...

BLUE - which location did you order from? I'm in the SLC valley also & was unable to get the offer at the locations I have tried.

Blue said...

well, apparently i got "in" before corporate discovered the hack job and disabled it. and i ordered mine online, selected the Foothill Village location. a few hours later i picked up my free pizza. they didn't blink. i printed out my "future-order" form just in case to show them, and they took it, made my pizza (i got there an hour early so i asked if they could do it sooner) and they did, and out i went...didn't even pay tax. it was yummy...but i feel bad if it was an unapproved deal. no wonder everyone's had no luck getting it.