Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Thomas Train from Toys R Us Sat/Sun ONLY

Choose from Thomas the Tank Engine, Lights & Sound Percy, Sir Handel, or Peter Sam- No purchase necessary. I just wet to Boise Toys R Us and verified that THEY ARE accepting these pdf coupons. It says one coupon per customer, so my hubby and I each got one! Retail is $11.99 each. We left lots on the shelves and we were the first ones of the day to use the coupons, so get in and get your free Thomas engines! I'm sure these will go fast. The smallest man in my life is going to be so happy with me today! Download the printable COUPON HERE.


Michelle said...

I went at 12:15 and they had a sign up saying they were sold out. Bummer.

Joanie Demer said...

Ah, Darnit! Thanks for letting us know.

tulip said...

I was in there around 10:30 and one of the employees said they had received a very small shipment of these including only two Thomas trains! He said there had been a few Handel trains left on an end cap around 10:00a.m. but that was all. MY little guy will be very disappointed. :-(