Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glamour Year Subscription $1.50

Glamour is celebrating 70 years in business by selling year subscriptions for $1.50 -the same price they charged in 1939. Now until March 15th. If you KCLs are feeling Glamorous, go Here to sign up. Thanks Ximena for sending us this deal!


Dan and Emily Clark said...

Ok, TRIUMPH! I finally got my Walgreen's deals to work--whoo hoo!

Here's what I got:
8 Dove beauty bars
5 Colgate Max Fresh
2 Chex mix
1 Viactive
8 Ritz
1 Walgreens Headache Relief
1 Axe Shampoo

total spent after factoring in rebates and Register Rewards. . . .$3.43. Nice. . . .and it only took me 4 trips to different Walgreen's to do it. Bleh. So that part wasn't so great, but here's what I have learned:

1. If you find a checker you like, be a stalker and ask them when their normal shift is. I totally did that today--Holla Kimberly from Eagle/Ustick!

2. If you are attempting to get deals that are FREE, get your trash into Walgreen's THE SECOND IT OPENS. They do not stock much product on their shelves, and it goes FAST (hence the reason it took me 4 stores to find what I wanted).

Yeah. So the big question is, is it worth it? I'm gonna say I'm leaning toward yes. . .but know your checker, or you are taking a gamble with your time and your sanity!

Oh yeah--I don't know about you guys, but I got $3.50 Register Rewards from the $3.29 Colgate Max Fresh, so, with my .75/1 coupons, this was a money maker for me. But I had to put that transaction with something else I was actually going to pay up front for, in order for the coupon to work.

Ashlee said...

Thank you thank you! i'm not a huge magazine girl, but love a good update when i travel. this is cheaper than 1 issue. & so quick and easy too. thank you!

Keri Lyn said...

Also ~ speaking of Glamour...if you get the magazine, check out the April issue of Glamour Magazine on page 145.
For every $50 you spend at Kmart between 3/10/09-4/30/09, Glamour will send you a $25 Kmart gift card to use toward your next purchase. This could come in very handy when Kmart starts another coupon doubling sale!!

Joanie said...

Keri Lyn,
That's an awesome deal. Who would have thought Glamour and Kmart would team up? Odd Couple.