Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm not Worthy!

Wow, I guess if you stalk the KCL blog long enough, one day you'll get to be one of them! It's a bit intimidating to have been asked to contribute along side of all you coupon masters, but maybe I can offer the "newbie perspective." I've only been doing this for a few months now, and have a lot to learn, but hopefully a few things to share too. So here goes:

It seems like everyone is having a Dove promotion right now--Walgreens, Rite Aid, and now Albertson's too. The promotion is "spend $15 on selected Dove products, get $5 OYNSO (you'll see the promotional information attached to the pricing on the store shelves). And with the Dove items on sale this week at Albertson's, this makes it a better deal than the Walgreen's or Rite Aid promos. Here's a scenario I did tonight:

Scenario 1
Buy 5 Dove conditioners @ $6/2, or $3.00ea. = $15.00
minus (5) $1.50/1 Dove conditioner coupons from 3/15 inserts = $7.50 OOP


get $5 OYNSO print out from register

Scenario 2
Buy 5 Dove Shampoos @ $6/2, or $3.00ea. = $15.00
minus (5) $1/1 Dove hair care product from 3/15 inserts = $10.00
use $5 OYNSO coupon from last transaction = $5.00 OOP


get another $5 OYNSO

After these two transactions, and figuring in the left-over $5 OYNSO, it's like getting 5 shampoos and 5 conditioners for $7.50, or .75 per bottle.

The deal also works on the Dove soap, body wash (sale price is 4.99), and deodorant (sale price is $7/2, or 3.50ea.), so there are many things to choose from to make the promotion work. Just make sure that if you buy 3 body washes (4.99 x 3 = 14.97) you add something else to get you over the $15 limit so you get your $5 OYNSO.

Happy Shopping!


Heather Wheeler said...

Thanks Emily

Joanie Demer said...

You are Worthy! You are Worthy! Thanks Emily. Great post and it was good to meet you last week.

James and Chelsea said...

Anyone know how long this sale goes for?

cynthea said...

I tried to buy 2 oil body wash and 1 lotion through the dove deal.The albertsons I went to couldn't get the coupons to work. They thought it was because it was only one item for the whole purchase. I ran into the same problem for the lysol coupon where I tried to use 2 coupons on 2 lysol items.

Has anyone gotten the dove deal to work at albertsons?

Emily said...

Yes--I've done it twice at the Eagle/McMillan Albertson's, I did the exact two scenarios listed in the post and it worked no problem. Was it your Dove coupons that were not working, or was the problem that the $5 OYNSO didn't print? If it was the first, all I can say is make sure the coupons you used were for the specific items you wanted to purchase. If it was the second problem, make sure you got over the $15 limit required to get the deal--the body washes are 4.99, and I don't know what the lotion is priced at, but if it's 4.99 too then you wouldn't have made it over the $15 requirement with just the three items. Hope that helps!

alysia said...

Great I just have to find time to get to Albies :)

Tamra said...

Use 4 doublers from next sundays paper on each transaction and get 10 shampoos or conditioners for free plus .50 overage!

brad said...
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Idaho Homs said...

Yes! Master Emily! We are so proud of you!

benandmonitanner said...

Yahoo to the newest newbie krazy coupon lady!!!

Shem, Angel, Gavin and Taigen said...

HELP!!! I just went to Albie's and they didn't have any of the DOVE products you have listed for those prices. Do all stores price items the same? I would love to take part in this great deal, but not at the current prices.Please tell me where you shop.

Emily said...

The prices listed in this post were found at the Albertson's on Eagle/McMillan on Tuesday the 17th. Good luck!

Shem, Angel, Gavin and Taigen said...

Thank you! I should have read the previous comments better :-)

ang :o) said...

I just tried it at Albertson's and it didn't work. The $5 oynso didn't print. They said it wasn't a promotion running right now. :( I actually returned everything! I felt like a brat but it's not worth the price without that $5.